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Now You Can Create Twitter Moments via Mobile Devices (

Twitter has officially announced that users can now create and share their own Moments via mobile device. Although the microblogging platform faces an uphill battle in getting users to see the benefits and potential of creating their own Moments, a simple, mobile user-friendly process is an essential first step.

Facebook Testing New Multiproduct News Feed Ads (

Facebook is testing a new type of multi-product News Feed ad with several advertisers. The new ad units will incorporate a featured main image or video with related products images underneath. When users click on an ad, they will be directed to a second page with more products. Another click brings users to the retailers websites, where they can buy products shown on the ads.

Snapchat Spectacles: Here’s Everything You Need to Know (

Last November 10, Snapchat released Spectacles, which are sunglasses fitted with a video camera that allow users to film snaps from their own perspective. As the first consumer electronics product from the company, Spectacles are designed to work exclusively with the Snapchat app.

Automating Your Customer Interactions: Get Ready for Chatbots (

Chatbots are software that automate the task of talking with people online. They enable marketers to personalize their content delivery strategy and have meaningful conversations with customers at scale. As chatbots change the conversation between brands and customers, they present various opportunities (and risks) to marketers and consumers alike.

Instagram Tests Shoppable Photo Tags (

Instagram wants its users to shop without having to interrupt their scrolling with a browser window, which is why it started showing shoppable tags on photos from several brands to iOS users in the US. Eventually Instagram wants to add a Save feature so users can bookmark posts as they browse and come back to them when they’re ready to shop.


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Image by Instagram


Instagram Live is one of the two major updates recently released by the photo-sharing platform. As part of Instagram Stories, a feature that was released in August and is now used by 100 million people every day, Instagram Live lets users broadcast videos to their followers in real-time.

It’s different from other live broadcasting tools on social media like Facebook Live and Periscope because Instagram Live videos are totally ephemeral. There are no replays—videos disappear as soon as the broadcast ends.

Here’s how brands and marketers can use Instagram Live videos to their advantage:
Product launches and important announcements
Posts on social media are often a two-way street, and SMM efforts work their best when brands listen to their followers while sharing content with them. By using Instagram Live videos to celebrate a company milestone or announce a new product offering, you can let the world know about your big news and at the same time interact with your audience.

Live Interviews and Q&A Sessions
Not everyone has the ability to interact with celebrities or company executives, which is why Instagram Live is a modern and engaging way to reach out to your audience. Influencers can present short tutorials or lectures and then answer live questions from your audience. Whether you’re interacting with your customers or people within your company, live video can help build instant rapport and strong relationships.

Behind-the-scenes access
Many companies have used Instagram stories to take their followers behind-the-scenes for a variety of situations, from daily events in the office to ad photoshoots. Instagram Live videos can add another element to what’s already some of the most fun and engaging content shared on the platform.

About the author:
Jehan S. Ismael is a full-time writer and editor for a leading Internet Marketing firm. She has a love-hate relationship with food, likes to listen to rock and rap music, and enjoys reading books by self-absorbed writers like J.D. Salinger and Anthony Bourdain.


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Image by justgrimes


From what social media would lead us to believe, Election 2016 may be the wildest and most divisive one in the history of the U.S. It used to be that traditional mediums like TV, radio, and print were the primary means for candidates to share their platform and spread their views, but this time, between the candidates and their supporters, you’d be hard-pressed to go online without seeing someone’s political rants.
Here are some of the biggest social media lessons we’ve learned from Elections 2016:

Knowing your audience is key. Whether you’re a marketer or running for president, you need to align yourself with your audience. Social media marketing not only allows you to reach your target audience, but also gauge people’s interest in particular topics and identify the things that matter to them. In return, you can develop marketing strategies and create content that resonates with your audience and motivates them to take action.

Make yourself heard. If Election 2016 taught us anything, it’s that people take tone of voice and messaging on social media very seriously. Many people get their news on social media, and even news outlets refer to and cite candidates’ tweets when discussing their views on current issues. For marketers, this means that authenticity and a unique and consistent voice is essential to one’s social media campaign. Not only will this humanize your brand, but it will also build trust and allow you to have more control over the image that your audience sees.

Get people involved. Perhaps the biggest game-changer that social media has brought is that it allowed people to directly access and engage with candidates and brands. This election is no different, as the candidates and news outlets took full advantage of all the features available on popular social platforms—hashtags, live-tweeting for debates and speeches, Snapchat geofilters, and so much more. For marketers, the same approach will allow you to see not only how many people you’ve reached, but find out what their opinion of the content as well.

About the author:
Jehan S. Ismael is a full-time writer and editor for a leading Internet Marketing firm. She has a love-hate relationship with food, likes to listen to rock and rap music, and enjoys reading books by self-absorbed writers like J.D. Salinger and Anthony Bourdain.


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Image by dimnikolov


Is your website content doing what it’s supposed to—turning visitors into subscribers and eventually, buyers? When you rely on your content to bring visitors to your website, you must accomplish two things: provide information to your visitors and get them to take action, whether it’s to subscribe to your service, share the information with others, or purchase a product.


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Social Ad Spend Surpasses Television: New Research (

New research shows that for the first time, digital and social media ad spending has surpassed that of TV. Marketers everywhere may revisit their strategies, leading to big changes in ad spend.

Airbnb: How Its Customer Experience Is Revolutionizing The Travel Industry (

Airbnb started in 2008 and got its name when its three founders rented out air mattresses on the floor of their San Francisco apartment during a conference. The company has been disrupting the travel industry by understanding, and moving with, shifts in consumer behavior.

Facebook Adds New Tools For Local Discovery And Commerce (

Facebook wants to be the mobile solution for local businesses. It also sees itself increasingly as a local commerce platform for consumers. The company’s recent introductions of Marketplace and its Events app are indications of a full court press into local.

Will Instagram Stories Lead to the Demise of Snapchat? (

Social media managers want to know whether they should be building a presence on Snapchat or Instagram for their Stories-type content. Will the introduction of Instagram Stories be the end of Snapchat? While there’s no definitive answer, there are a few things to consider.

Consumers Want Personalization In Exchange for Their Data (Infographic) (

Personalization provides marketers with the opportunity to engage customers more fully. However, many marketers still struggle to leverage personalization data effectively and miss important opportunities as a result. This infographic illustrates what consumers want from personalization and lists the steps brands should take to meet expectations.


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Image by baylonmj


The role of a typical marketer has grown increasingly complex. On a day-to-day basis, marketers try on new automation platforms and analyzing multiple marketing metrics and social media sites. Understanding traditional marketing strategies and implementing them are no longer enough; the role of the marketer has already evolved and expanded to SEO experts, advertising and PR executives, and graphic designers. Even basic coding and programming skills are now becoming a must-have weapon in marketing’s ever-expanding arsenal.


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Image by tzejen


E-commerce businesses are always in search of new customers, and social media is an untapped goldmine for prospective buyers. A study released by CeBIT found that 81 percent of consumers are influenced by friends’ posts on social media when making purchasing decisions.


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