Facebook Advertising Finds Faces in the Crowd

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By Chrystal Rose
When I first saw the advertisements to advertise on Facebook, I’ll admit I wasn’t all that enthused. Facebook is free—why on Earth would I start paying for it now? Despite my personal resistance to spending money (on really anything), the fact is more and more organizations are spending on social advertising. Check out this article on Facebook Advertising by’s Benn Parr. It has some pretty good information and even a report from Borrell Associates regarding social media spending and projections for 2009.

After shooting the breeze with a friend of mine in the marketing industry, he mentioned that he was using Facebook ads for some of his clients—and it was driving a considerable amount of traffic to their websites. My lack of enthusiasm transformed into curiosity, and I begin to grill him about the process. Not only did it sound simple—but pretty effective. Here’s why I’m now a fan of advertising on Facebook:

Facebook not only allows you to target members by standard demographics such as age and location, but you are able to use psychographic factors as well. I’m a firm believer in using psychographics and lifestyle behavior to target consumers because using demographics alone can be a huge waste of time depending on what it is you’re advertising.

Pay-per-click advertising can get a little expensive, conveniently Facebook allows you to pay by either impressions or pay-per-click. You can bid as to how much you’re willing to pay-per-click and set a daily budget so you don’t end up spending a fortune. Quick tip: Choose pay-per-click and include your phone number and/or website on the ad. You may save yourself a few clicks if there is a strong call to action via phone, or if people choose to put in your website manually.

Facebook allows you to design your ad with text and include a photo. A visual is an excellent way to strengthen your company brand. Users are more likely to recall your company if they can associate it with a logo or photo.

I think this may be my favorite part (considering I have a mild obsession with Google Analytics). Facebook allows you to track the progress of your ad with real-time reporting. You can see who is responding, how many, if it’s working etc. Then you can even make modifications to your ad in response to the data. How cool is that?

Admittedly, I was a skeptic of Facebook Advertising, but I hadn’t looked into it any further than just seeing their ads (perhaps they should look into a better advertisement themselves). Not only do I think using Facebook to reach consumers is a great idea, I now think using Facebook ads to target consumers is as well.

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