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Tool Time: Missing e

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

As more and more people find their way to Tumblr’s idiot-proof platform, commercial brands, service providers and news agencies are also getting in on the action. And even if it’s not yet as popular as other social media sites, a large portion of its user base is made up of power users, driving its rapid growth as a blogging tool. As such, it has a long list of capabilities as far as networking, branding and content distribution are concerned. Add its easy reblogging process and social engagement potentials, and you have a pretty powerful weapon in your online marketing arsenal.


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Skills every blogger should posses

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Image by striatic

Since social networking showed up and became integrated with the ways of the Web, the whole social media frenzy has gotten hold of the mass consciousness, and has been guiding the way modern society consumes and shares information. In the middle of all this, online connections and content reign supreme, empowering sites like Twitter and Facebook to lead businesses to different directions, and to set standards online and influence how we live.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 05-13-11

Friday, May 13th, 2011

6 Tips for Starting an Online Community (

Building an online community is the cornerstone of social media marketing. Starting out can be a daunting task though, especially when it comes to keeping the conversation going. By knowing your audience and catering to what they want, you can create a strong community from the ground up.

Creative Content that Converts (

“Uninspired web content is no different than a disgruntled receptionist who turns people off from your business or brand.” Just like managing a storefront or reception desk, you need to develop your content in a way that draws people in and answers what they need in order to make the sale.

How to Plan and Write a Blog Post to go Viral (

While viral posts seem to come out of nowhere, you can actually study your blog’s audience and find out what kind of post can create a similar kind of reaction. By learning what elements it takes to make popular content, you’ll know well enough how to create work that will create buzz and hopefully go viral, too.

Invite Your Customers onto Twitter (

An online community is hard to start up if your customers aren’t there in the first place. If you’re managing the community on Twitter, it helps to encourage your visitors and customers to join up and follow the conversation.

Manage Your Facebook Page Like Vin Diesel (

Surprisingly, Vin Diesel offers an interesting take on managing the community that follows him on his Facebook page. While social media marketing has been associated more often with Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, Vin Diesel proves the strength of his own brand of social media by listening to his followers and providing honest feeds.

Customizing your Tumblr page for better branding and usability

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Launched in 2007, Tumblr jumped from being one of those imaginative services spawned by the whole startup innovation roundup, to this rising superstar in the blogging field. Well, it doesn’t have Facebook’s massive user base [yet], but still, it’s hugely popular among nearly all kinds of Internet users—from casual microbloggers, to social media hounds with a serious meme appetite and content consumers with unchecked Web-enabled addictive personality disorders.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 05-06-11

Friday, May 6th, 2011

5 Reasons Your Marketing Is A White Hot Mess (

There are a number of reasons to why a marketing program may be in poor shape. With careful review over these reasons and evaluating what should be corrected in your own program, you can get things fixed and running smoothly again.

Keeping it Clean on Your Facebook Page (

Fans can be unpredictable creatures. So, while discussion is all good, it also helps for the community manager or page administrator to ensure than their Facebook page is kept clean and free from unwanted messages or verbiage. This way, all fans can continue the discussion harmoniously.

10 Steps To Spring Clean Your Social Media Presence (

Spring cleaning also applies to social media. By streamlining your strategies and platforms, you can find ways to maximize your audience and appeal. Not to mention that you’ll find your networks easier to manage, too.

Your Bouncer Needs to Have a Brain (or “The First Line of Defense is Just as Important as the Last”) (

The people that you place on the front line are just as important as you are as the community manager. After all, these people are in charge of building relationships with fans, clients and customers. If they don’t put out their best behavior, these relationships might turn sour. Thus, there’s a need to place importance on these people interacting with the community.

Blogging: The Small Business Way (

While small businesses can reap the benefits blogging brings, the question of “how” remains. After all, a business blog’s inability to produce positive results often stems from the entrepreneur not knowing how to utilize the medium in the right way. Learning how to best use a blog for small business is the first step to social media success.

More social media misconceptions to dispel

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Original Image by cinnamon_girl

It’s been a while since social media has crossed over from under its Internet mainstream badge and gotten seamlessly integrated into modern pop culture. Scores of celebrities, sports icons, dignitaries and businesses have since flocked its social graph. Many of these personalities and brands have been using it as a powerful marketing platform that can reach a global audience, and holds a lot of potential as far as customer engagements are concerned.


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Tool Time: Nurph

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

In its current form, social microblogging giant Twitter offers a string of capabilities that enable its users to communicate with their friends and allow brands to reach out to their followers. Despite its array of features, it’s not exactly structured to allow us to start and sustain a full conversation with multiple users.


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