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Weekly Link Round Up – 06-10-11

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Internet Week Panel: The Social Media Simplicity Toolkit (

A New York Internet Week panel discussed different ways of establishing brand presence on the Web. Keeping things simple, engaging, rather than hard-selling, and knowing your target audience as well as why your brand has chosen a specific platform are fundamental in achieving your goals.

Writing to Attract, Retain and Engage (

When it comes to blogging and copywriting, you need to be able to attract, retain, and engage your readers. You can accomplish these by appealing to one of the five core human drives, making your content useful or entertaining, or both, and writing like you were directly speaking to your reader.

Want Your Message to Resonate? Say it Again. Want Your Marketing Message to Resonate? Say it Again (

Consistency is key in setting yourself apart from others with the same message. Sending out a specific message once may not be enough; your audience may not remember it in the future. Not to mention, in a global village overloaded with information, your message may easily get swallowed up in the mass.

Ultimate Blogger’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (

With proper search engine optimization (SEO), you can use your company blog (and each post) to increase your chances of ranking well in searches and being found by your target audience. Rich Brooks shares tips on how to go about proper SEO.

Only a Small Percentage of Your Customers Care Enough to Offer Feedback and You Should Listen (

Take note of the customer feedback you get via social media; the feedback you get can prove to be valuable. Also, in listening to and engaging your audience, you are able to show that you care and even establish relationships.

Tips for a thriving Tumblr presence

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Tumblr as a powerful Internet marketing tool

Image by buyalex

While Tumblr is not as mainstream popular as either Facebook or Twitter, it’s still a bustling online community with loyal users practically addicted to it, regularly creating and virally sharing tons of content. And along with its rapidly growing user base, online marketers, content producers and news agencies have since turned to it as a great addition to their brand’s online marketing ecosystem.


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Ways to invigorate your social streams

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Image by bucklava

With the countless brand-driven social media profiles clamoring for some considerable piece of the masses’ attention, to say that staying ahead of the online marketing curve is challenging can be quite the understatement. And not only do you have to compete for your target audience’s attention against everyone else online, you also need to keep them long enough to deliver what you have to say, and get them to come back for more.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 06-03-11

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

In Social Media, Your Return Represents Your Investment (

Engaging customers and making waves through social media doesn’t come easy. It takes more than just conversation and strategy. As a testament to that, the majority of social media programs deemed “fast and easy” are less effective than those involving a great amount of investment.

Measuring Social Media More Effectively (

Effectively measuring social media can be a truly difficult task. To get a better picture of how social media benefits a business, one must have a clear set of priorities and shared expectations in terms of what should be accomplished through the medium.

Attention to Detail is an Important Trait for Moderators (

Details matter, especially when you’re managing a community. It spells the difference between a post that violates guidelines and one that does. On top of the need for attention to detail, there is a greater need for an over-all sense of consistency.

Advertising Your Blog: Go Viral on a Blogger’s Budget (

The simplest way to grow a blog’s traffic is through organic methods: search engine rankings, guest posts, social media and word of mouth. But while advertising your blog requires a budget, simple methods and an effective strategy can come at an easy cost.

Lady Gaga Really Knows How To Use Social Media To Connect With Fans (

For an example of a truly effective social media star, there is Lady Gaga. Having recently gained 10 million followers on Twitter, the pop star has gone far beyond simply being a musician. Google Chrome’s latest ad featuring her shows exactly what makes her such a success in the social media sphere.

The Nerdist weighs in on handling negative comments online

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Chris Hardwick and his Nerdist podcast shares some advice on handling negative content in social media
Images from Hardwick’s Facebook page

As brand managers and social media marketers go about their daily grind, it’s only common to deal with different kinds of people online. Unfortunately, because you put yourself online and encounter the very diverse population of Web users, you can’t expect to get favorable responses all the time. Sooner or later you’ll come face-to-face with people whose opinions, beliefs and mindsets will clash with yours. In comes the negative feedback or worse, so will the trolls!


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Twitter improves search, unveils upcoming multimedia features

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Microblogging giant Twitter seems to really be on a serious tech update, ramping up its services to enhance both its grocery list of features, and to further augment user experience. Just yesterday, the company introduced the Follow Button for easily subscribing to Twitter feeds of associated @usernames on the 50 initial partner sites. Today, Twitter announces two major additions to its growing stable of features: improved search, and multimedia capabilities.


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