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Weekly Link Round Up – 09-30-11

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Social Media Success is About the Wizard, Not the Wand (

The sheer number of social media channels can be overwhelming. But social media success is not about being able to use all of these at once; it’s about finding the best one for your business and doing it right.

The 6 Most Important Online Marketing Metrics Ever (

How do you know if your online marketing efforts are successful? Measuring awareness, interest, engagement, sales, profits, and advocacy is a good place to start. But seeing the big picture lies in tying these all together.

Reflections on the Social Customer (

For a social media marketing campaign to be successful, it pays to put yourself in the consumers’ shoes. What do they look for in the brands they patronize? The Social Customer Manifesto gives an idea.

3 Startups That Effectively Put Social Media to Work (

Start-ups often have a hard time drawing in their target market, but social media offers a great way to get those first few customers. Check out examples of start-ups that grabbed people’s attention with innovative approaches to social media marketing.

3 Layers of Social Media Connections (

People make different types of connections through social media. Knowing what these are may be able to help you design your networks and strike a balance between quality and quantity. This can help you work connection layers to your business’s benefit.

Managing an online marketing team: Task Distribution

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Manage your social media marketing team's tasks

Image by Muffet

Internet marketing campaigns come and go; the best ones can remain memorable even after they’ve achieved their intended goals, spreading virally across the Interwebs as memes and parodies from other people. This of course means utmost success for the brands being marketed, and even more so for the marketing teams that piled in every brilliant idea, effort and resources every step of the way.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 09-23-11

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Everything You Need to Know About Google+ (

Google+ is finally open to the public, with eight new enhancements based on user feedback. The Internet juggernaut’s latest foray into social media has been highly anticipated for its potential to integrate its various online products and services into one powerful platform.

Facebook Autoposting – A Social Media No-No (

A study shows that posting manually on Facebook actually garners more “likes” and comments than using third party apps. Even though it’s more time-consuming, adding a short write-up and pulling in an image from a post can engage readers more.

3 Proven Facts To Get More Retweets (

Scheduling tweets with Buffer is reported to increase clicks on posted links by 200 percent in just two weeks. You can work this to your advantage by tweeting when your followers are online, tweeting frequently, and surprisingly, by tweeting a variety of sources.

10 Facts About Consumer Behavior on Facebook (

Want to know how consumers engage with brands on Facebook? A new study offers insight into how and why people “like” or become fans of a particular brand, and what this could mean to businesses.

Why Burberry Is Now as Much a Media Company as a Fashion Company (

Burberry is redefining how people experience the brand through the use of social media. With efforts like a “Tweetwalk” that debuts images of the models even before they reach the catwalk and a live stream on its website, among other things, the brand has become more than just a fashion powerhouse.

Managing an online marketing team

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Managing a Social Media Marketing Team

Image by michaelcardus

As fun and engaging as social media is for both brands and the people they’re reaching out to, we can all admit that successes in the online marketing space may take a lot of work and can be time consuming to pull off. From the logistical assessments, campaign conceptualization, and the initial launch, to strategy implementation and continuous engagement measurements—all these can be a tad bit too much for just one person to handle depending on the size of the campaign.


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Tips for cutting through the social noise

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Cutting Through the Social Noise

Image by gounie

Since the Internet’s transition into its current interactive iteration as the social Web, it’s become quite the challenge to navigate through for users. Not only do we traipse through multiple networks flooded with pages after pages of contents, and status updates on a daily basis, the reverberating noise it all creates make it even more of a hurdle to get through to the people we want to communicate with. And it’s doubly so for brands taking advantage of the social networks as their multifaceted platform for online marketing.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 09-16-11

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Amazon Wants a Piece of the Social Media and Social Games Pie (

While the Forrester Survey revealed that 84% of companies had no plans to use online social games for their marketing strategies, Amazon has started a new Social Games Group to take on Zynga. With this new development, perhaps more companies may begin to consider integrating games into their strategy.

Best Buy’s Dive Into CityVille: What We Can Learn (

The effect of social gaming on marketing efforts isn’t only limited to how to get people to play the game. In the case of Best Buy, teaming up with Zynga’s CityVille creates better brand awareness by allowing players to interact with the brand in the game. In turn, Zynga also finds a marketing opportunity on Best Buy’s fan gate.

Nintendos and Don’ts: Nintendo Finally Socializes (

Among gaming consoles, Nintendo has a habit of resisting inevitable innovations. This includes resisting the pull of social media which the Xbox and Playstation have readily embraced. Although Nintendo has now given into the need to establish a social media presence, there is still much that the company needs to learn.

Social Media Scores a Touchdown with the NFL (

Going social isn’t only for online games. When it comes to keeping fans informed and interested even when it isn’t game day, the NFL turns to social media. Today, fans can follow specific players or teams and even commentators to keep the sports conversation going.

Farmville For Real Farming: Grow The Planet Launches Social Network To Teach You To Grow Your Own Food (

With organic food and personal vegetable gardens on the rise, start-up company Grow the Planet takes advantage of the booming gardening market by making a Farmville for the real world. As a social network for hobby farmers, Grow the Planet aims to aggregate information and tips, and offer a venue for these farmers to trade advice or even their own produce.

Facebook rolls out the Subscribe button

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Facebook Subscribe Button

At any given time, we Facebook users are bombarded with an unending stream of congestion that is the News Feed. It’s populated with a mishmash of status updates, countless social gaming prompts, and shared links, videos, and images from every single one of your contacts.  All these can make online marketing through Facebook quite challenging and rather tedious to work through especially for a brand wanting to make proactive online marketing campaigns work.


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