5 Reasons Why People Join Facebook

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5 Reasons Why People Join Facebook

When I was a freshman in college, Facebook was what all the ‘cool’ kids were doing. Both in class and out, you could always spot someone updating their Facebook wall or checking out what their friends were gonna do later that week. Since then, Facebook has grown in both size and influence and is joined by Twitter as one of the top social networking sites today.

With the number of registered users growing by the thousands every month, a great question to ask yourself is “why did you join Facebook?” We all have our reasons, but here are 5 reasons why you may have:

1. Peer Pressure

One of the biggest reasons why people join Facebook is because their friends are on it already. Many people that I have spoken to don’t want to use Facebook, yet they feel the need to be on it to stay in touch with their friends. For some, it is more convenience than recreation, but either way, Facebook has become as mentioned earlier, a sort of “cool kids club” type atmosphere.

2. Bejewled Blitz, FarmVille, and More

For Facebook users, Bejeweled Blitz and FarmVille are just a few of the many applications upon which hours upon hours of time have been spent. When Facebook first launched, this was actually the biggest appeal to the 18-24 year old demographic market at the time, as most of the applications during that stage were geared toward customization and ‘fish tank’ like walls where in a user could decorate, personalize and share.

Today, Facebook applications have evolved to incorporate everything from Mafia Wars among friends to planning out your whole class schedule. Because of the appeal of applications like these, Facebook registration continues to climb.

3. To Be A Stalker

Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why people join. When Facebook first started, user profile content such as photos, walls, and basic information were limited to only those within your college network and friends added. Today though, by means of Facebook’s more lenient privacy policy, content that was once hidden behind closed doors is now visible to just about anyone if you don’t have the appropriate privacy settings.

4. Networking

As was one of Mark Zuckerberg’s original intentions for Facebook, networking is still at the top of the list for why people signed up for Facebook. As more and more individuals join Facebook, the importance of ‘being there’ is growing. “Facebooking,” as some like to call it, is becoming almost necessary when it comes to networking. With Facebook’s average user age increasing, so is the environment. No longer is Facebook dominated just by 18-24 year old college students, but rather by professionals looking to re-connect or follow up with business opportunities.

5. Your Brand

If you are on Facebook and you were to Google search your name, you would probably find your Facebook account as one of the top results. For some, this is more than enough of a reason to join Facebook. Part of your personal brand is being visible at the right times. When an employer gets your resume, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that they might just do a quick search to find out more about you.

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