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Producing original content for your blog is crucial for both your search engine optimization and social media marketing efforts. Especially now that Google, in its goal to improve their search quality, has developed a new algorithm that aims to make sure those sites that swipe content off other blogs (aka content farms) won’t rank highly on their results pages. This offers your blog and your original content improved discoverability online.
When developed properly, original content can significantly boost traffic, enhance brand awareness and trust, and can even influence loyalty within and beyond your set online community.

For you to be able to attain these, it’s important that you consistently post content that is both original and compelling for your targeted demographic. All these are easily solved by setting up and maintaining a collaborative blog.

But for the uninitiated: A collaborative blog is a type of blog where more than one author team up to write and produce content. Yes, that kind of blog. They’re pretty common these days so we’re sure you’ve seen a lot of them online. Sites like Engadget, Nerdbastards and Mashable are good examples of collaborative blogs that enlist the talents of multiple bloggers for their steady stream of written and multimedia contents.

Unlike single-authored blogs, having a team of bloggers can help ensure that you can keep and commit to a regular blogging schedule. In the case of writer’s blocks and other unforeseen events that may drag one of your bloggers out of his writing momentum, you’ll easily have the rest of your team to cover for him.

The efforts between many authors, from an online marketing standpoint, can boost your online presence as well. From your blog, to the popular social networks and to your followers. Your team of authors can promote your blog on their own personal sites, and spread your blog’s links to their own social network communities. In this regard, interacting with your followers should also be a big part of every writer’s responsibilities.

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