A Look at Facebook’s New Cover Image Rules and How to Use them to Your Advantage

April 2nd, 2013 by | 26 Comments

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As of last week, companies now have more freedom regarding the type of cover images they can post on Facebook. The social media giant has recently – and quietly – changed its guidelines from a set of stringent, anti-marketing rules to a more relaxed definition of what a cover image must be.

Before the change, Facebook cover guidelines stated that images must not contain prices, purchase information, contact details, or even references to Facebook features or actions. These rules made it difficult for brand owners to maximize what could be a very effective Facebook marketing feature. Now, images considered inappropriate are those that are simply “deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright.”

However, this newfound freedom doesn’t mean we’re free to cram everything we can in an 851 by 315 pixel image. It’s still important to consider the most effective use of this space so you don’t turn off potential clients with blatant, fan-repelling advertisements.

Here are a few tips that may help you create the ideal cover image for your brand’s Facebook page:


Keep things simple

Treat the cover image like a billboard, where you only have a little time to convince a potential client to respond to your call to action, whether it’s to advertise products or drive contests and promotions. A simple image that contains an arrow pointed at the “Like” button, for example, can be ideal for pages that want to generate as many likes as possible.


Make it readable

Since adding contact details is now allowed, it’s important to make sure any text on the image is legible. Use simple fonts that match your branding efforts and make them just the right size for online visitors.


De-clutter your cover

It’s very tempting to include all the products you want to sell in your cover photo. However, a cluttered image full of products is not the best way to attract customers. Consider featuring one product or set per week or month for better results.


What do you think of the new rules for Facebook covers? Will you be changing your cover today? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!



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