Ad Relevance Score: Facebook’s New Metric for Ad Performance

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As Facebook evolved to enhance user experience, relevance grew to become a central factor in determining not only which posts will show up on the NewsFeed, but also which ads will become visible to users. Brands had to struggle with Facebook’s increasingly stringent criteria for relevancy, but now the social network is lending a hand with ad relevance scores being added to its ad reporting dashboard.

How Does It Work?

Facebook’s ad relevance score provides a quick feedback on the performance of the ads you show to your target audience. It’s simple: your ads are scored from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. The score is based on positive interactions such as views, conversions, and the like, as well as negative interactions such as hiding or reporting your ad.

The score comes with a few perks. With a higher score, you lower the cost of ad delivery as a reward for the quality of your ads. The opposite is also true: as your score drops, the cost of delivery goes up.

Note that not all ads, such as those with “guaranteed delivery,” will get a relevance score.

Tips from the Social Network

Facebook offers a number of tips to help you improve your ads and your relevance score. One notable tip is to refresh your creatives. In the first few weeks of your campaign, your ads might have made a positive impact on your audience, but over time, performance can wane as people lose interest or as competition increases. The social network recommends refreshing your ad once every two weeks to avoid ad staleness.

Another notable tip is to test your ads. Ad testing is perhaps the only way for you to identify what works for your brand and your audience. With the help of the new ad relevance score, it would now be easier for you to see and compare your better creatives on Facebook so you can make more successful ads.



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