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Including promotions like games and contests is one of many effective ways to inject more juice into your online marketing campaign’s SEO initiatives. For your target demographic, it enhances your Web presence by strengthening brand discovery and familiarity while giving them something fun to do. It gives you a platform where you can thank your existing audience and reward them for their loyalty as it drives considerable site traffic and reels in potential new clients in the process.

All these can be further augmented by including social media into the strategy to be able to easily broadcast on a much wider platform.

Despite Twitter’s very limiting 140-character structure, there’s no denying it’s become a runaway success what with its rated 55 million tweets sent out every day since its inception. And although the company has been pretty much mum about some of its statistics, its 10-billionth tweet milestone last month sure speaks volumes about its reach.

A few days ago, we helped you with a few pointers so you can start planning for a successful contest on Twitter. We gave you a basic outline as an essential foundation for determining your contest’s particulars. Now that we’ve dealt with the planning stage, let’s broadcast to the Twitterverse about your contest to get the ball rolling.

It’s plainly easy to spread the word about your contest. Obviously, since this is Twitter we’re talking about, you’d have to contend with its character limit so logically, what you’re broadcasting is a quick teaser that contains the essential details, the prize and a link to where they can find out more about joining.

For good measure, invite your users to follow you; naturally, they will also retweet this to their friends who might be interested in getting a chance to win your prize. This will improve your social graphs on the microblog as well.

Affixing a hashtag makes it easier for you to follow the flow of your tweet and gauge any follow-up interactions you can make if needed. Twitter’s own Twitter Search functionality is indeed very useful for this as it generates all mentions of your hashtagged on the microblog. Here, you can even refine your search parameters to include only those with initial positive or negative responses, specific users who have retweeted and their locations.

For the link, it’s best to utilize a URL shortening tool to make full use of the character limit. For this, we recommend because it will also give you statistics about the link for tracking and later analysis.

As we mentioned last time, it’s important to have a dedicated page on your domain the link would point to; one that would contain all the information about you and your contest. Not only will it allow your readers to read up on what else you have to offer, but it also affords them the security that what they are engaging in is a legitimate promotion and not some scam aiming to sponge off their details and links.

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