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Personal Touches to Your Social Profile

Thursday, October 1st, 2009


Photo borrowed from Red Stapler Chronicles

Despite the fact that most people nowadays feel more comfortable communicating from behind a computer than speaking in person—Many customers want to feel as though there is someone human on the other end. Confused?

Just because social media is practically synonymous with technology, doesn’t mean you can’t add a highly personal touch to this aspect of your marketing. Customers and potentials are looking for a real connection. They don’t want generic information and if they have a question they don’t want to feel as though it’s getting lost in the shuffle.


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Gain a Following for Your Non-Profit

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

herdPhoto By: Olivier DELAERE

Advertising can be extremely expensive and with the economic downturn no one can afford not to market their business. A combination of media with a solid frequency is generally the best way to go to create and maintain a presence in the marketplace. But what about non-profit organizations?

Non profits generally run under some sort of funding program. Whether they are given state funding, or rely on privat funding to operate, non-profits generally don’t have loads of money to spend on their marketing efforts. A solid combo of frequency and reach is not easy to come by when marketing for a non-profit.


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Social Media Tools Are Literally Cropping Up Like-Flies?

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009


Could iPhone’s Fly Chat application be the latest and greatest in social networking? Flychat is a social application for the iPhone and has a pretty cool concept. You can send messages and friend invites via a yellow fly (the app literally has flies buzzing around your screen), to people in your city, country or even the world. Green flies on your screen are incoming messages and can be from anyone anywhere, red flies are messages from your friends. Receiving messages is as easy as clicking on the flies or you can open your inbox to view them all.


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Social Recommendation

Thursday, August 20th, 2009


Photo by: dmswart
It may be easy to feel lost with all the social recommendation sites out there, let alone the social networking sites, but social recommendation is an important part of growing your client base.


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Facebook Advertising Finds Faces in the Crowd

Friday, August 14th, 2009


Photo by: vividBreeze

By Chrystal Rose
When I first saw the advertisements to advertise on Facebook, I’ll admit I wasn’t all that enthused. Facebook is free—why on Earth would I start paying for it now? Despite my personal resistance to spending money (on really anything), the fact is more and more organizations are spending on social advertising. Check out this article on Facebook Advertising by’s Benn Parr. It has some pretty good information and even a report from Borrell Associates regarding social media spending and projections for 2009.

After shooting the breeze with a friend of mine in the marketing industry, he mentioned that he was using Facebook ads for some of his clients—and it was driving a considerable amount of traffic to their websites. My lack of enthusiasm transformed into curiosity, and I begin to grill him about the process. Not only did it sound simple—but pretty effective. Here’s why I’m now a fan of advertising on Facebook:


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Your Social Media Arsenal & the iPhone

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


Image by Ninja M.

If you travel a lot, or find yourself using your smartphone every second you’re away from a computer, then you’ve probably realized you can use your phone to access social media. While there are many smartphones out there to choose from, none are as revolutionary as the iPhone. If you’ve managed to resist obtaining one up until this point, the recent introduction of Apple’s latest model, the 3GS could possibly be the last nail in the coffin of your defense.


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Social Media for Dummies

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Photo By Glenn Campell

Image By Glenn Campell


Okay so if you don’t know much about social media you aren’t really a dummy, it’s just a gimmicky title that gets the point across. I personally always appreciate a refresher on the basics so consider this Social Media 101.

Why Should I Bother?
Social networking is a contagious, unavoidable phenomenon that doesn’t stop at socialization. More and more organizations are leveraging these sites to effectively market themselves. This isn’t news to you because clearly you don’t operate your business from a cave (unless your business is spelunking, then of course there would be nothing wrong with that). Whether you find social networking to be daunting or consider it to be a key component to your marketing plan—we can assist you in getting the most out of your efforts.


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