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Using Data to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

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Data is fast becoming more important in social media marketing. Big companies are not the only ones responding to data overload these days; small- and medium-sized business owners are now also expected to make sense of the numbers and utilize data to improve decision-making.


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Lessons from SEO: How Optimization Benefits Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

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While search engine optimization (SEO) takes a different path from social media marketing when it comes to promoting a business, it does bring something to the table that could greatly benefit the latter. In particular, infusing social media content with keywords opens up opportunities to reach out to new audiences and establish a stronger presence online.


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Why Brand Personality Matters on Social Media

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

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As social media is mainly about engagement and building relationships with others, you can’t afford to have a brand that sounds more like a cold, uncaring marketing robot than a human being. If you want to win the trust and support of your followers, it’s essential that your brand’s social media persona has human traits that people can relate to.


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Post Better Pins with Pinterest’s New Marketing Developer Tools

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

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Yesterday, Pinterest launched Marketing Developer Partners, a program that enables businesses to scale and optimize their marketing efforts on the social media platform while enabling pinners to benefit from a richer user experience.


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Monthly Link Roundup – 04-24-15

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Pinterest Debuts A New “Pin It” Button Designed To Speed Up Bookmarking (

Pinterest has begun to roll out its new “Pin It” button developed by the Icebergs team that the photo sharing site acquired last summer. The new button enables users to speed up bookmarking by reducing the number of clicks required to save content.

Instagram gives Apple Watch developers a hand (

Instagram shared some of its code used for building its Watch app to make it easier and faster for other Apple Watch developers to create their own applications on the up-and-coming device. Built using open-source technology, the Instagram code can make it easier for apps to use complex data on a small device, such as the Apple Watch.

LinkedIn announces Elevate app to help employees share company content (

LinkedIn has announced a new app called Elevate that enables employees to share high-quality content from their companies. The new app gives companies the ability to tap their employees’ organic connections to boost engagement.

Twitter now allows anyone to send you a direct message, even if you don’t follow them (

Twitter now offers users worldwide the option to receive direct messages from anyone, even from those they are not following. A direct message button is also added to profiles on iPhone and Android devices to encourage users to try the new feature.

At Coachella 2015, Periscope Dominates Meerkat With Live Video Stream Counts (

Twitter’s live streaming app Periscope came on top of the competition against Meerkat in this year’s Coachella musical festival, according to Zignal Labs. While usage fell for both apps on the second weekend of the event, Periscope still garnered 95 percent more mentions than Meerkat.

Encourage Employees to Share Content with LinkedIn Elevate

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

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With 350 million users, LinkedIn has already established itself as the biggest social platform for professionals worldwide. Soon, people can use it to learn a thing two with the launch of Elevate, LinkedIn’s new paid app.


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Bringing the Social Back to Social Media: How to Start a Conversation

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

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Because of how easy it is to broadcast on social media, it’s not surprising that some, if not most, companies tend to use it solely as just another marketing channel for pushing their brand message. Using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as marketing tools isn’t bad per se as it does help bring traffic to product pages or the latest company blog. On the other hand, this way of treating social media has its disadvantages and could hurt marketing efforts in the long run.


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