Be Loud, Get Noticed! A Quick Guide To Writing Compelling Calls-To-Action

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Calls-to-action (CTAs) have been around as long as print marketing, but you can’t say the same for social media marketing. And yet, the two are inextricably linked. The way a call-to-action asks something from its reader, how it relates with and engages your reader, and most importantly, how it elicits a response from a user—all of these have a social aspect to them.

On social networks, you’ve probably seen CTAs asking you to Like, share, Retweet, or double-tap. Asking your followers on social media to share or comment on your posts is an excellent way to discover just how many of them are interested and keeping tabs on your content. With infobesity being a real thing online, if you can get your audience to take the time to share some feedback, then you know they’re truly engaged.

Each social network works a little differently when it comes to calls-to-action, so you’ll have to customize your CTAs for each platform. On Facebook pages and Instagram, for example, make use of clickable CTA buttons. Twitter, on the other hand, took it upon itself to do a study on the most effective CTAs found on their platform and provided tips for each.

The whole point of using CTAs is asking your reader to perform a specific action, which is why you need to use actionable language. Being more creative and going beyond the usual terms will make your CTAs stand out and nudge your readers towards the action you want them to take more effectively. Furthermore, carefully crafting a CTA that grabs attention but also appears to accomplish can also lead to better results.

CTAs typically take readers to a landing page of some kind. It’s therefore very important that you align your CTA with the content on the landing page and make sure that it’s a clear next step in the reader’s journey. Moreover, CTAs must give the reader an idea of where they’ll end up. Otherwise, the reader might end up confused or questioning the trustworthiness of your brand.
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