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Internet marketing has indeed become a strong part of every business. And here, brands should focus on establishing and sustaining a thriving relationship with their demographic. Unfortunately, while more and more companies are invigorating their marketing efforts for the social Web, not a lot have cracked the code to building a solid relationship with their following.

Truth is: handling social media marketing efforts does not stray from actual human interaction in the real world. This is something everyone knows, but tends to forget about when faced with business challenges, and mapped out marketing plans. It sounds so social media 101, but a lot of people have either forgotten about this fact, or have deliberately chosen to forgo it.

In a manner of speaking, all of us here in the social Web are fully aware of how difficult it can be to get your targeted demographic’s attention, keep them entertained long enough to recognize how important it is for them to follow you, and cultivate them within your front yard. Among many brands, the key to accomplishing all these begins with blending in with their communities.

Actually being a part of the community, as opposed to leading it as a figure head, works wonders for developing genuine and lasting relationships. Here are two ways you can be one with your tribe.

Pay Attention
Before outlining strategies, conceptualizing campaigns, or even doing pretty much anything, it’s crucial to observe and listen to your demographic. This entails listening to what they have to say, and identifying what it is they need. Only by doing these will you be able to understand the people who make up your community, so you will be able to say the right things and cement your place in the community you’re building around your brand.

Speak their Language
There are different kinds of people online, and every brand’s following run the gamut of character classes. Social Web users come in different races, age groups, ideologies, belief systems, and financial standings, brand managers and Internet marketers should be able to know how to speak with their followers. Knowing the right word to say can definitely take you far in reaching out to your followers in ways that will grab their attention, appeal to who they are (or what they believe in), and will earn their trust.


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