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June 28th, 2010 by | 5 Comments

It’s been four years since Blendtec founder and CEO Tom Dickson began shooting the Will It Blend? video series as part of promoting his company’s industrial blenders. For the uninitiated, the videos showed Dickson throwing in everyday items like a crowbar, a rake handle, a pair of sneakers and, alarmingly enough, a number of rather expensive consumer electronics into a blender and demolishing them to steaming piles of dust. The recent victim to have fallen into the Blendtec blender of doom is the iPhone 4.

Since Will It Blend?’s first video went viral in 2006, BlendTec has been touted and continues to be one of the most successful brands in social media’s annals. The company has since funneled in millions of views on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of followers between its Youtube, Facebook and Twitter profiles and a $40 million spike in sales during the first year of the Will It Blend? campaign.

With a mere $50, Blendtec created a homespun video that captured both the twee childlike wonder of the audience while displaying the dependability of their products and giving the brand a face and a personality. The latter is a crucial tenet in developing a brand on a social media infrastructure because it gives your audience a human being they can relate to instead of a corporate identity.

These same principles can easily be carried out and integrated into any online marketing campaign.

The social nature of these sites can also help you reach out to your core demographic, listen to what they’re saying and engage in meaningful conversations. And just like with Blendtec, you can leverage on these for brand awareness, widen your scope and, with a little imagination, deliver compelling content. As a result, genuine relationships can be developed, propped up by brand loyalty.

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