Boosting Brand Awareness with Twitter’s Vine Video App

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Besides the Raven’s 34-31 win and Beyoncé’s stellar performance, the 2013 Super Bowl gave us another outstanding thing to talk about: Twitter’s Vine video app. Calvin Klein used it for extra promotion during the 34-minute blackout, while 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick posted videos through it on the official Super Bowl twitter account (@superbowl). Thanks to all that activity, the Twitter-owned app gained a lot of fame in one day with fans and businesses alike.

But this isn’t the first time Vine was used for marketing. Social media-savvy brands such as Urban Outfitters, Gap, BuzzFeed, and PBS have already made use of this app for various promotional posts.

So, how will your brand benefit from what most are dubbing the Instagram of video apps?

Vine’s main function is to allow users to capture and share looping, six-second videos that do not require any post-processing for free. Due to the heightened visibility of each video on a Twitter feed, there’s a lot of potential in its usability in social media marketing. Vine can be used for short product demonstrations and teasers, more effective and creative online contests, and less intrusive, yet highly attractive twitter advertisements.

In a world filled with consumers who would rather skip online ads before they even begin, Vine makes promotional materials easier to digest. The app’s limited-timed videos may even inspire more creative advertisements for your brand’s online marketing strategy. If you’re able to effectively tell your story within six seconds, then you can be sure that it’s better than any 15-second marketing pitch from your competitors.

Furthermore, videos can be cross-posted to your brand’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and YouTube accounts.

Although Vine is still in its experimental stages, it shows a lot of promise for brands seeking better ways of reaching its loyal clients and any potential new customers.


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