Breaking Up the Monotony: Content Types You Can Mix and Match with Text

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No matter how informative your blog is, your readers are bound to lose interest if you keep on feeding them with text after text. Much has been said about incorporating a mix of media to boost the appeal of your content, but how do you put them together to create a successful, highly engaging post?

Animated Images

A picture can speak louder than words, more so if it’s a moving image. While static images work best if you want to break up a really long text, you may want to opt for animated GIFs or Vine videos if you’re writing a how-to article. Animated images can serve as the visual counterpart of your instructions, giving life to your words and making it easier for your readers to follow directions.


Videos by themselves are highly engaging and can stand alone as a medium for instructional content. But if you’re writing a review of an event you’re going to, or just want to show off where you’ve been to, you might want to consider incorporating your written review or summary with a short video that features the venue, fellow guests, and some of the activities. This means bringing a camcorder to the event and editing your material afterwards to make the final product look more polished. You can also opt to use the Vine app to create very short clips that highlight what you liked best about the event.

Audio Recording

If you want to talk about a particular topic, you can enrich the discussion by incorporating an interview of an authority in the subject. While you can make the transcription available for your audience to read, embedding the actual recording in your post not only breaks the monotony of the text, but also shows that the interview did take place and is therefore authentic.

Interviews can be presented in video form, but since a written copy of the conversation is still necessary in case of unclear sound, an audio recording would be a better choice since it allows your readers to scroll down the transcription while letting the sound play—no need to keep their eyes on a tiny screen as in the case of a video.

Any other suggestions you may want to add? Feel free to share them in the comments below.



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