Bringing Your Business to Snapchat

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Have you been thinking of getting your business started on Snapchat but are unsure of how to do it? Planning your Snapchat marketing campaign can help your brand increase exposure and even gain a significant return on the amount of time spent investing on the platform.

Think about the type of content that your brand will be posting on the platform. Snapchat content can be categorized according to two core areas: value-added and storytelling content.

Value added content provides relevant, helpful information that aims to educate customers about your product or services. Examples would be sharing tips, instructional snaps, and industry updates. Meanwhile, storytelling content shows your audience how credible, trustworthy, or honest your business is. You can share snaps that showcase your company values and cultures, provide a glimpse into your business or personal life, or focus on an event that you’re attending or hosting.

Given how many users are on Snapchat right now, the platform can help your brand expand its market base and gain exposure. Be creative on how you use Snapchat—you can leverage other platforms by uploading your Snapchat story videos to other platforms like Facebook, for example. You can also engage your audience by asking meaningful questions or enticing other users to create and send snaps to you; just make sure to promptly reply to responses or questions from your followers.

Measure results
To drive results and continuous improvement through Snapchat, you’ll have to measure your business’s performance on the platform. You can do this by keeping track of your Total Story Completions, which is the number of people who have viewed your stories from start to finish; Screenshots, which can be used to gain audience insights when publishing discount voucher codes or links to your blog or website; and Website Traffic, which can be measured by creating unique website links to be shared on your snaps and then measuring the links’ individual performance.

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