Business Blogging: Should everyone be on Board?

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In 2009 we saw a surge amongst businesses out there with their use of blogging and Social Media. Companies are quickly realizing the power of Social Media and blogging with it’s ability to communicate directly with customers and clients – providing a direct line of conversation with the “outside world” and allowing other people to give instant feedback, for better or worse, and communicate that feedback with virtually everyone in the world who will listen.

In short, it’s a very powerful communication tool, which is why we’re seeing the invention of “Community Managers” and “Social Media Marketing” positions on the rise. Businesses are realizing that this kind of communication takes real time and develop – like any relationship, open communication and most importantly, trust, doesn’t develop overnight.

With this rise in businesses using Social Media – the Community Managers and New Media integraters (such as myself) are presented with the obstacle of selling Social Media and blogging to the entire staff. Some companies are willing to outsource the management of this to another firm, but I strongly believe that a business should be provided with the tools for success (in terms of training and consulting) that will allow them to develop an online presence from within?

Why? Because the people in your company know your product, they know the business inside and out. What they may need is some training and “hand-holding” to learn how to best communicate the message on the various Social Media channels.

The more people you can get on board, the better. The companies who are most successful at integrating New Media into their marketing mix are those who have the support and help of their team. As you aim to develop your New Media strategy, think about ways you can get the rest of the team involved.

If there is one take-away here, it’s to let people do what they’re good at.

Don’t force people into using Social Media – teach them how to use the particular channel, and let them develop their own voice. Blogging is an especially effective platform in getting multiple staff members involved. At my company, we specialize in Pediatric Therapy, 75% of the staff are therapists themselves – which means they have a wealth of information they can share from their education and professional experience from many different backgrounds that would be extremely valuable for parents and blog readers.

Don’t force your team into becoming Copy Editors, don’t ask them to be SEO experts – instead, let them write – and let them write about things they are passionate about, areas they  are experts in – and then use your skills to make the content more “web friendly”. Involving your staff in your online marketing plan can speak volumes to your audience of consumers, and above all, will add a genuine voice to your companies online presence.

What are you doing with your company to get people involved in Social Media and blogging?

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