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The Possibilities that Arise from Facebook’s Acquisition of Mobile Technologies

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

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Social media giant Facebook has recently acquired Mobile Technologies, a startup known for its voice recognition and translation tools. This could have been done to support Facebook’s aim to integrate voice technology and expand its search features beyond English.


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Tool Time: Awesome social media tools for organizing live events

Monday, August 13th, 2012

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When developing your brand and promoting its products on the social Web, combining traditional and social media marketing strategies have proven to be quite the dynamic formula. And while we all devote a huge chunk of our daily schedules propping up our brand’s online presence, reaching out to them in the real world will definitely help tons. Here, holding events can help your brand boost your engagement opportunities, invigorate public awareness, enhance perception, and even tap into markets that aren’t exactly heavy social Web users.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 10-07-11

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Seven Lessons We’ve Learned from Steve Jobs (

While most people chose to play it safe, one man had the courage to ignore the critics and follow his heart and intuition. Mark Ivey pays tribute to Steve Jobs and shares lessons he’s learned from the most innovative entrepreneur of this generation.

The End of Change. The End of Unusual (

All brands aspire to earn money, achieve greatness, and to be loved by its consumers. Digital marketing visionary Mitch Joel explains why it’s important for companies to adapt and evolve in this world’s constantly changing landscape.

The Time We’re Losing (

Chris Brogan writes from the heart and explains in this inspiring essay the importance of time. Like the visionary and creative genius Steve Jobs, he urges us to go after our dreams and to realize that our time is now.

Why Being Wrong is Right for Business (

Jeff Korhan explains the importance of asking the right questions, exposing your vulnerabilities to give yourself a new perspective on things, and not being right all the time and ultimately winning the trust of your customers.

A Lesson in Smelling Roses at the Speed of Social Media (

The goal of the social media experience is to build bridges and enhance intimacy between people. By stimulating our senses with the speed of social media, we end up destroying our ability to truly sit down and listen to one another.

Weekly Link Round Up – 09-09-11

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages: 2011 Winners! (

Social Media Examiner announcers the winners of its Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages for 2011, with Intrepid Travel, Easy Lunch Boxes, and Snap Retail nabbing the top three slots.

Blog Exposure: 10 Free Ways to Get More Exposure, Traffic and Subscribers to Your Blog (

Sadly, posting quality entries is not enough for a new blog to get noticed. Through pinging their blog posts, guest blogging, utilizing social media websites, and other free techniques, bloggers can easily get increased exposure and traffic to their blogs.

Introducing a New Tool: WhoReTweetedMe (

By simply entering the URL of a recent blog post on this nifty tool, bloggers can immediately view a timeline of Tweets to the entry’s URL, statistics about the post’s potential reach, its average follower count of retweeters and more.

Questions That Matter To Facebook Community Managers (

For increased brand awareness, it’s important to make the most out of social media networks by establishing a relevant number of followers. However, after garnering a huge fanbase of “likers” on Facebook, what would a community manager have to do with 10,000 fans to complement a business’s social media outreach?

Chatterfly: Online Rewards for Local Businesses (

Airlines, hotels, and car rental companies have all done it before—employing rewards programs for ensuring the loyalty of their best customers. Using this proven-successful strategy, Chatterfly enables businesses to motivate and keep their customers coming back through a unique social network mobile rewards platform.

Ways to integrate geolocation into your social media marketing campaign

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Brands can use geolocation to boost their social media marketing campaigns

Image by jon_a_ross

Location-based services have been in the tech and social media background for years, but it wasn’t until this year’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival that it exploded into mass consciousness. Services like Foursquare and Gowalla used the Texas-based festival as a playing field to showcase their capabilities to help attendees maneuver around its five-day series of events.


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Weekly Link Roundup (06-25-10)

Friday, June 25th, 2010

3 New Ways to Use Twitter at Live Events (

Although Twitter has been used often in the past for posting during live events, new Twitter tools have been made to give users a whole other level of live event benefits. With these, users can actually make digests of these events and follow other attendees they’ve met.

World Cup Instant Twitter Replay: How We Did It (

“Can we make a distinct and engaging representation of Twitter activity during the World Cup?” With a web application that samples the popularity of World Cup-related words over time and animates them, onlookers could actually watch the events unfold over on Twitter.

Football Is A Social Object (

Sports can serve as a social object. And in the case of football, it gives everyone an excuse to interact with each other. Whether one likes it or not, football, and probably other sports as well, give people something to talk about and share.

SEO Question: Soccer or Football (

For SEO experts and online marketers, during World Cup season, it’s just right to ask what word to optimize content for. Is it soccer or football? Google Trends display the volume of searches of each keyword and even groups them according to country.

7 Business Lessons From World Cup 2010 (

Although to those new to football, the sport may seem like just a bunch of people running around and kicking balls, there are mindsets and behaviors one can pick up while watching a game. Some might even find themselves learning a little more about marketing as well.

You’ve Been Yelped

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

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In a past post, we touched on the importance of being involved in review sites. We mentioned the importance of third-party validation and unbiased posts from people in your social network–or from strangers! is one of the most popular review sites and due to its online presence, often yields a higher search ranking than its competitors.


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