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Key Takeaways from the Google I/O 2018 Keynote

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Image by Dudley Carr

Many experts predicted this year’s Google I/O focus to be on “responsibility” considering Facebook’s recent data and privacy scandal. But if there was one key idea that emerged at the event, it was machine learning and how the gatekeepers and developers of tech had to navigate its waters “carefully and deliberately”.


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How to Create a Successful Giveaway for Social Media

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

Giving away prizes is almost a surefire way to expand your audience and increase engagement with your customers, but givaways can also be tricky. When done poorly, they can even backfire to the detriment of your brand’s reputation. Below are a few things to consider that might before you start.


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Monthly Link Roundup – 08-28-15

Friday, August 28th, 2015

After Years Of Restraint, Facebook Tries Allowing GIFs In Ads And Page Posts (

Facebook is now starting to allow businesses to use GIFs as ads or in Page posts, with Wendy’s and Kuat among the first to try out the format. Currently, the social network is evaluating GIFs on how they impact user experience before deciding to roll them out to more Pages.

Facebook is working on a Twitter-like app that lets publishers send mobile breaking news alerts to the masses

What seems to be part of Facebook’s initiative for businesses, a stand-alone mobile news app that’s similar to Twitter is reported being developed by the social network. Through the app, partnering publications will be able to send followers mobile alerts on breaking news they can read more about via a link.

Twitter to Offer Promoted Tweets, Videos Beyond Twitter (

Twitter is making plans to deliver promoted Tweets and videos beyond the microblogging site. Through its Audience Platform, Twitter is going to offer advertisers the ability to run Twitter ads and campaigns on thousands of other apps within the MoPub network.

Google integrates Twitter into its desktop search results (

Google now displays rich Twitter cards on desktop results when someone runs a search on a Twitter user’s account or a hashtag. This new feature is part of Twitter’s announced integration with Google which already started appearing on mobile last May.

Instagram is opening the advertising floodgates (

Earlier this month, Instagram switched on an API that now lets advertisers use third-party platforms to post ads on the photo-sharing app. With this change, a wider set of advertisers will be able to run campaigns on the app—something that only a select group of big brands were able to do before.

Monthly Link Round Up – 06-27-14

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Facebook to Acquire Finnish Start-Up Pryte (

Facebook is acquiring Pryte, a Helsinki-based service that would allow mobile data to be bought on a per-app basis. The service aligns closely with Mark Zuckerberg’s project that aims to make web access more affordable in emerging economies.

Facebook Increasingly Turning To India For Growth (

With more users in India accessing Facebook via smartphone, the social media giant is planning to focus more on mobile in the country. Part of this is customizing apps specifically for the Indian market, as well as working with local marketers in helping businesses in the country understand the advertising power of social media.

Facebook rolls out one-column Timeline design to all Pages (

Facebook has started to roll out a more streamlined design for its Pages worldwide. The new design features posts that appear in a single column similar to the News Feed. Admins who access their page can switch to the new look after taking a tour of the refreshed design.

Facebook says its audio identification function ‘is not always listening’ (

With fears that Facebook’s new “audio recognition” can spy on users, the social media giant clarifies that the app only identifies television shows and music tracks, and matches the sample in a database. It also clarifies that the app doesn’t always listen but requires the user’s permission to work.

Google Search Intent Comes to Facebook (Along With Search Ad Dollars) (

Brands can now make use of Google search intent for ad targeting on Facebook. A targeting tool developed by Kenshoo makes it possible for marketers to target users on Facebook who have clicked their search ads on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Facebook Introduces another Way to Improve Brand Exposure with Embedded Posts

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Image by Denis Dervisevic

On July 31, Facebook rolled out Embedded Posts. This new feature allows users to grab their Facebook posts and paste them on their websites or blogs. The embedded posts will also include whatever status update or caption is associated with it, including hashtags that initiate the Facebook Graph Search function when clicked.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 06-14-13

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Facebook Debuts Hashtags, Urges Advertisers to Use Them (

After three months of industry speculation that they would be doing so, Facebook finally rolls out hashtags for its platform. The social media giant had also urged advertisers to use them, saying that it would help to amplify their campaigns.

What Brands Need to Know About Facebook Hashtags (

The addition of hashtags offers more than just amplifying a campaign that might have already been ongoing on other social networks. Hashtags also provide brands with a variety of opportunities such as better conversation tracking and gathering user-generated content.

What Do Facebook #Hashtags Mean for Social Marketers? (

For social marketers, the introduction of hashtags on Facebook opens up the possibility of reaching deeper into a possible audience and extending beyond your existing followers. In a sense, it helps users feel better about being marketed to and gives advertisers more ways to drive business.

Will Facebook Hashtags Affect Your Privacy? (

As with any other social media platform update, the question of privacy is always a hot topic. This is especially important for a platform such as Facebook as most people use it to mainly connect with just their friends and family.

The Fight for #Conversation – Will There be a Migration From Twitter? (

Prior to the Facebook update which activated hashtags, Twitter was the place to go to find conversations centered on particular topics. Now that Facebook as well has that feature, will the conversation shift? It may be likely, given how many features the social media giant has over Twitter.

Taking Advantage of Social Media for Your Next Business Event

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Image by Nan Palmero

Social media is a good way to maximize publicity and improve the overall experience of clients and business associates, especially if your company holds events, lectures, product launchings, and gatherings attended by large groups of people.
Here are some ways you can use the full potential of social media at your next business event:


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