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July 14th, 2010 by | 9 Comments

Google has unveiled the App Inventor for Android, a new tool that grants anyone the ability to create apps for devices running on the search engine giant’s mobile operating system Android. This announcement was posted by Google Engineer Mark Friedman on the Google Blog early this week as the new application to graduate from its Google Labs property.

With today’s Web continuously becoming inescapably interactive and moving towards what seems like a truly interconnected social realm, online presence for a brand means everything. Now, we’re finding mobile app stores like Apple’s App Store and Android Market welcoming brand-created or -sponsored apps mixed along with existing games and productivity-hinged tools. As such, the App Inventor for Android’s arrival is a welcome addition to the many growing opportunities online marketers can take advantage of.

Google’s new tool approaches app development from a “For Dummies” angle. Carrying a straightforward user interface, App Inventor for Android leverages on an event-driven programming structure and basic drag-and-drop inputs. As such, you’d find a work space onto which you can drop any of its selection of readily-made app elements like buttons, text fields, labels and check boxes. Once these elements have been positioned within the workspace, you can easily rename, choose the overlaying image/s and modify the actions the buttons would carry out when triggered.

Those of you with even a slightest programming background may note that its interface is similar to Microsoft‘s Visual Basic in terms of simplicity. From its video, it looks to even come complete with its own rudimentary integrated development environment as we even spotted a Debugging tab so it’ll also be easy to check for errors.

App Inventor for Android has the potential to be the harbinger that levels the playing field for brands plying their marketing expertise on the mobile space. With some imagination and an understanding of your brand’s demographic and competitors, you can simply whip out an app that captures your intended follower’s fancy while providing an avenue for delivering news and your products and services.

To even whet your creativity, the app development tool also allows you to leverage on the phone’s built-in features like GPS and text messaging, making it easier for you to craft your own location-based app.

So what’ll be springing from your marketing team’s proverbial drawing board?

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