Critical Steps in Surviving Social Media Mishaps

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We’ve all seen how posts published on social media can flare up and go viral. Terrible tweets and Facebook faux pas can quickly cause trouble and make it hard for you to do damage control and reclaim control of your online brand. So if you find yourself in the middle of an occasional mishap, here are a few things you can do to get out of the mess:

First, figure out who’s likely to see your post and take issue with it. You’ll want to quickly assess not only how many people saw the mishap, but also which ones saw it. Perhaps only one or two people saw the post, but if it’s the wrong people, you’re in deep trouble. Be on damage control stat and use the platform’s analytics feature to see how many impressions the post received and get a sense of how viral it became.

Next, get rid of the evidence. Although the Internet is “written in ink” and there are no guarantees when it comes to fully erasing something you’ve published, your best line of defense would be to immediately delete the offensive post. Depending on how badly you slipped up, you might consider deleting your entire account—but that’s a pretty extreme move. Shutting down your account may make it seem like you’re admitting defeat and hiding from the issue you caused.

Of course, the decent thing to do if you’ve offended someone is to take full responsibility and offer a heartfelt apology. Make the effort to engage live with a supervisor or customer instead of trying to explain something via e-mail or a private message, where tone is lost and it may be difficult to avoid the appearance of trying to justify an inappropriate situation. Then, of course, provide an assurance that you will exhibit better judgment in the future.

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