Delicious Opportunities for Food Marketing on Social Media

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Food has the incredible power of capturing people’s attention, and marketers are already learning from food video trends and creating experiences that get people talking day after day.

Food marketing on social media started out with the occasional video, which showed a pair of hands making something delicious. More brands realized how popular these videos can be, and before you know it there were more food videos on your newsfeed than cat videos—and that’s worth looking into.

From a business standpoint, this food marketing trend is significant. Majority of food videos have thousands of likes and shares across various social media platforms. They have become some of the most important tools for prompting social media users to stop scrolling down their feeds and start engaging, maybe glancing at the name of the author who published the video.

Consider these delicious opportunities for food marketing on social media:

Give people what they love
If there’s one thing that food marketers understand, it’s people. They know that the one thing that these people have in common is a love of food, which why they use it to establish a connection with their audience. Not everyone wears makeup or likes to work out, or is a parent or even likes to cook, but everyone needs to eat.

Follow the trends
BuzzFeed Food pioneered the food video trend, but others have already jumped on the bandwagon since then. Various brands saw an opportunity to take their health food, beverage, or restaurant business to the next level and used videos to kick start their social media presence.

Captivate your audience
People share content that reveals something awe-inspiring about themselves or the world around them, and they follow brands on social media for the same reason—to see content that reflects and re-affirms their own beliefs.

To captivate your audience, adopt some of the most successful visual codes for food marketing and videos:

  • - Close-ups and macro shots stand out more during fast-scrolling.
  • - Bright, cheerful colors catch the eye and send out good vibes.
  • - Fast paced, short videos that don’t go over three minutes keep your audience interested.
  • - Links that redirect to the full content, such as your website or blog


About the author:
Jehan S. Ismael is a full-time writer and editor for a leading Internet Marketing firm. She has a love-hate relationship with food, likes to listen to rock and rap music, and enjoys reading books by self-absorbed writers like J.D. Salinger and Anthony Bourdain.

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