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You don’t need me to tell you that Twitter and Social Media networks in general are a great way to meet new people, make friends in your area, find potential clients, and make connections.

Back in July I packed my things and left my home-town of Nashville, TN to embark on the next step in life’s journey which just so happened to be in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois. This move had me facing several obstacles to overcome, the primary one being the struggle to find a job in a new city where I didn’t know anyone during a recession. Talk about a challenge.

Enter blogging and Social Media – my saving grace and my “foot in the door” in the world of web marketing. I spent countless hours scouring Twitter, commenting on blogs, making connections and putting myself out there in front of the Chicago community.

One of the most significant contributions to making connections, especially early on, and establishing my network on Twitter, was joining in on “Twitter Chats” – you probably know what I’m talking about – but these chats are topic specific, typically led by a moderator, and at a scheduled time, a huge group of people come together for a live interactive question and answer session.

#Journchat was the first one that hit my radar – with topics ranging from Public Relations, Marketing, & Social Media – this was right where I needed to be. Not to mention, the chat’s founder, Sarah Evans, was located right here in my new home-town. Every Monday for at least three months I’d grab my laptop and for a couple hours, would join in with some fellow job-seekers, PR professionals, and others as we talked about everything and anything related to online PR/marketing.

What this did was allow me to connect with so many more people – while also building up my own personal knowledge base, providing inspiration for things I wrote on my own blog, and topics to discuss during upcoming interviews. In short, conversing with people who knew the field better than me turned out to be something that really helped me in landing the job I have today.

#BlogChat and #U30Pro are two others I would strongly recommend for any and all bloggers, Social Media marketers, Gen-Yers, etc. A great resource and one of the easiest ways to me some really smart people (not to mention yours truly) on Twitter.

Twitter is already a powerful tool – but when you take the time to take it one step further, you open up Pandora’s box to another level of possibilities and value.

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