Emerging Marketing Trends in SXSW Interactive 2016

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This week, SXSW Interactive 2016 kicked off with hundreds of marketers flocking to Austin, Texas for food, music, and a glimpse at new technologies that are expected to connect with consumers. Even after over two decades, the influence and role of SXSW in marketing shows no signs of fading.

The trends surfacing at this year’s SXSW are seen to greatly impact how brands and consumers interact. Here are three technologies you should definitely check out:

Virtual reality (VR) has always been a key part of the SXSW experience, with the Game of Thrones and Samsung’s Gear VR experience both standing out in past years. This year, virtual reality is at the forefront of marketing once again, with industry leaders discussing its probable impact on everything, from urban planning using social VR to VR storytelling.

In 2007, Twitter made its microblogging app debut at SXSW. This year, Twitter and the rest of the social media industry have started to move away from the traditional platforms and are focusing on a shift towards social messaging. Many consumers are also moving to platforms like Snapchat, which deliver a more conversational and intimate user experience. Meanwhile, marketers are now looking at marketing in messaging as the next multibillion-dollar opportunity, allowing key moments to passively create engagement through visual language and messaging channels.

From industry leaders discussing connected hardware to events showcasing countless cars, wearables, and IoT-based devices, connectivity and streamlining a consumer’s ability to interact with technology is on full display in SXSW 2016. The Internet of Things brand experiences that are showcased this year are a strong indicator of the kind of brand-to-consumer interactions that are predicted to happen in the future. To create more convenient, engaging, and enticing customer experiences, marketers need to fully leverage technology and digital innovation in their strategy.

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