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Start conversations with your readers through your content

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There are many things writers and content developers need to consider when mapping out their content marketing strategies. And aside from possible SEO tactics, and the quality of their written pieces, they also need to think about how their content is consumed and received online. Because of this, it’s crucial for brands to take advantage of the social Web’s real-time and interactive capabilities to maximize their campaigns.

And one of the best ways to broaden your reach is by crafting your content to specifically be shared on the social networks. Here, it is vital to get them engaged enough to share their opinions with you and broadcast yours online.

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Start by actually talking to them through your content. This not only boosts your online engagements, but it can also help cultivate a healthy community around your brand. The important thing to remember here is that your writing should project you and your brand as approachable and easily relatable. To be able to do this, here are a few suggestions.

  • Write in a narrative voice. By using “you” and “I” on your blog posts, you set up a more personal tone your readers would find akin to just talking with their friends. This helps them become more relaxed around you and your brand, inspiring them to interact with you, and consider your opinions and recommendations.
  • Tell stories and use popular references. By doing these, you create an air of familiarity your readers can easily sense and appreciate. Because you may have similar experiences and/or recognize the same references, people will figure out that you’re on the same page. And the fact that you’re providing them with a platform to share and discuss with others helps motivate them to speak to you more.
  • Ask questions. People are instantly drawn to respond when you actually ask them for their opinions. This can help up social engagement aspects through your blog’s comments section.
  • Respond to people’s comments and inquiries. A reply can go a long way in developing a healthy relationship between you and your followers. It validates their opinions and makes them feel that you’re there to listen to what they have to say.
  • Avoid using highfaluting words. This can definitely help make your pieces easier to read. Learn to paraphrase but if you must use uncommon and industry-specific jargons, make sure to define them within your blog post, and maybe even provide a link or two to pages that explain them further.

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