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With 350 million users, LinkedIn has already established itself as the biggest social platform for professionals worldwide. Soon, people can use it to learn a thing two with the launch of Elevate, LinkedIn’s new paid app.

Available for desktop, iOS and Android, LinkedIn Elevate lets companies increase engagement and connections by suggesting articles to its users and letting them curate and share content on multiple social media networks. The plan is to have the app in general availability by Q3 of this year, at which point LinkedIn will also unveil its pricing model.

Elevate combines algorithmic recommendations from sources like LinkedIn Pulse, Newsle and human curation, but the app’s most interesting attribute is its objective of having a wider appeal to a company’s larger pool of employees, effectively integrating them into their company’s more extensive social media marketing campaigns.

Designed for both casual users and social media professionals, Elevate aims to help users promote their company and stay more active online. For marketing professionals, the app will allow them to keep the social media wheels turning with analytics that show how many likes, comments, and reshares their content has received, as well as job views and company page followers. There’s also a scheduling feature so articles are shared when network users are most active. Elevate will also allow them to create specific topic areas to track, such as those related to exact company objectives like hiring more female software engineers.

Big companies like Adobe, Quintiles, and Unilever have already experimented with a pilot version of the app, producing solid results. In fact, LinkedIn says that when an employee shares content, on average his employer will receive in six job views, three Company Page views, and one Company Page follower.

If used correctly, Elevate can surely help companies boost engagement and brand presence online. And if they share their original content on LinkedIn, what better way to showcase it to more people? Using Elevate, employees can become a company’s brand ambassadors across multiple social networks.

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