Evaluating a Campaign

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When creating a social campaign and taking it to the end, evaluation is key in analyzing the performance. For instance, most likely you used a mix of marketing for promotion and/or execution, so you definitely want to evaluate the entire campaign as closely as possible and determine what was effective and what wasn’t.

Here are a few steps to an effective evaluation:

1. What was the goal? Always keep the ultimate goal in sight. Was the goal to increase e-mail sign-ups? What is to grow your Facebook fan base for remarketing? Whatever the goal, be sure all strategies deployed were focused on achieving the goal. Also, evaluate each individual strategy and determine how each strategy effected the overall goal. If each strategy positively contributed to the outcome, the campaign was well-planned and will most likely yield positive results.

2. What was the outcome? Look at the overall outcome and ask yourself “was it a success?” Did the campaign achieve the overall goals and did you execute on a determined timeline, keep the campaign within budget, and allot enough resources to foster a complete success?

3. What did you learn? Think about your campaign tracking and evaluate the results to determine if the results paralleled the overall goals and if the results foster any conclusions and/or provide data for the future. Did the results teach you anything about your segments? Did you reach a new audience or observe a new behavior?

4. What did others say? Check the pulse of the social scene and notice if bloggers or other online outlets picked up the campaign. If they did, what did they say? Did the online community (dis)like specific parts of the campaign? Also, did you receive feedback from your audience. If so, be sure to classify all feedback by theme and outlet to determine which feedback was coming from where and what those users had to say. Use the feedback as market research and determine if future campaigns should be tweaked or if other elements fell flat.

All campaigns will yield different types of results, but all results so tie back into the initial goals. Results + strategies = Overall goals

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