Even With Social Media You Need To BackUp

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This has been a crazy week for me, as I’m sure it was for all of you. Only, there was a major (some could say catastrophic) disaster that occurred in the middle of mine. Things were going as planned as we were in the middle of a new artist’s launch. Tuesday we dropped the video and in less than 24 hours we hit 10,000+ views on YouTube. Thursday was the big launch as we were corresponding an all digital release with Earth Day, keeping bad music from polluting the Ozone.

Tuesday night as we were setting up all the campaign links and getting ready to go full steam, the one thing we didn’t want to happen, happened. My MacBook wanted out of this project, and well any project that I wanted it to work on.

For all the glory I’ve stated, this one act of stubbornness made me lose it.

So here was the damage in a nutshell. Tons of web files stored on my laptop waiting to get uploaded to the FTP, designs and Photoshop files, all the Facebook, Myspace and other banner ad copy along with images, the final tracks all compressed nicely in MP3 and WAV format and every single password to all the sites that Chrome had saved nicely for me.

Three days later at 6pm on Friday night we got the Mac to come back to life, but the damage was already done. The launch didn’t go well, I was beyond bummed and even now I am writing this blog post 2 days past deadline (thanks to a reminder that I had on my calendar that I couldn’t log into).

Long story short is that even though we look to the cloud for most of our online and computer lives, we need to be looking at full scale backup systems and procedures. From your hardware and applications to the things you store in the cloud.

So, here is a look at what I am using to ensure this disaster was a one time thing.

Time Machine. I’m on a Mac and this just makes sense. I know have my hard drive being backed up daily to a shiny new 500 Gig external hard drive via Mac’s Time Machine. Even if you don’t have a Mac, look into some kind of automatic daily backup. They run smoothly in the backround and in fact, mine is running as I type. This is a great place to start.

For the web stuff I am looking into some options, but the more I look the more I am running into Backupify. Using Backupify’s services you can backup everything from your photos on Flickr to your Tweets, blog posts on WordPress, all your mail in Gmail, your Facebook account, Google Docs, Basecamp and more.

Backupify Services

Pretty much your entire online life. This is going to be really huge moving forward.

As I leave you this week, I want you to be brutally honest with yourself. Are you really backing up your data the way you should? If I could really say yes, I’d have one heck of a happier client and I wouldn’t be spending Sunday night finishing up work from the previous Wednesday.

Take a look and make the change now. The little things really do make a difference to your bottom line.

Greg Rollett is a Rock Star Internet Marketer from Orlando, FL. He blogs about Lifestyle Design and Online Marketing.

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