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In the past couple of years, we watched social media grow—from being a mere trend many tech early adopters are getting into, to its current stance as the Internet’s next evolutionary step. Truly, the Web is indeed becoming more and more social, bringing out new innovations in interactions between sites and their visitors, and businesses online and their targeted markets. And because it’s important to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced social media marketing train, it’s never a good idea for brands to be left behind standing on the outdated station.

Sure, most marketers tend to stick to a supposed proven formula, but then you’re now dealing with a smarter, more perceptive audience who will easily get tired of the formulaic. And then there are the Millennials, a whole generation with virtually no memory of a society without the Internet and a notoriously short attention span.

As it’s the start of the year, it’s a great time to try out some new strategies for your brand. And so today, we’re listing some of the newer strategies and tools you may or may not have tried before—strategies and tools you can take advantage of to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Guest Postings for Increased Mileage

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Doing guests posts is not an entirely new practice. And while many popular Web sites are doing this with good results, not a lot of people are getting on board this content creation and distribution tactic.

Despite having your content published on someone else’s site, guest posts are hardly a waste of time; in fact they’re quite beneficial for both the guest content writer and the host site. When a site or blog accepts your written piece and posts it on their site, you get to showcase you or your brand’s ideas to an established audience—an audience base that never would’ve come across your brand had you not engaged in guest posting. You get a byline and, more importantly, a link that will direct new people into your own Web site. And these will get across to more people as the third party sites start promoting your article on their social networks.

Crowdsourcing to Enhance Brand Loyalty

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In the same vain, crowdsourcing also offers a lot of benefits for a Web site accepting content. This may come in the form of surveys, photo submissions, personal video footages, donations to a charity, and even simple suggestions from your audience, among many, many others. It builds on the culture of ownership; that pride and the sense of accomplishment for those who contributed to complete the task at hand, especially when you identify them and show your gratitude in any form.

As a result, your followers can become brand evangelists, willing to help again should you run crowdsourcing, and even bring their own friends along. Leveraging on crowdsourced materials will help you further develop your brand identity, and understand your demographic.

Geolocation to Direct People to Your Brand

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Geolocation is one of those newer technologies you can use for your marketing strategies; whether your brand has a physical store or merely hosts an online presence. Depending on your campaign’s overall goals, you can easily integrate services like Gowalla, Foursquare and Facebook Places’ gaming mechanics on offline events to help promote your new products, influence brand recognition and loyalty, and enhance your social engagements with your followers.

Common uses for geolocation have included check-in for loyalty rewards, scavenger hunts and for better store recommendations, among many others. But you can deviate from these by devising your own tactics to better serve your purposes. All these can help greatly increase your brand’s marketing traction, especially now that both Facebook Places and Foursquare will allow you and your followers to embed photos per location and make comments on every location check-ins.

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