F8 Conference 2017: Predictions and Insights for Social Media Marketing

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At this year’s Facebook Developer Conference, social media marketers can look forward to insightful sessions, interactive demos, and announcements of launches and major changes to the company’s family of applications and services: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Oculus, Workplace, Audience Network, and

To help shape your future social media marketing strategies and campaigns, here are some of the top launches and updates that are predicted to be announced this year:

Enhanced video features and tools
Video has always been a key area that Facebook has always sought to improve. Zuckerberg himself believes that video will soon be the main content format. Facebook continues to push video content on the social network, as seen in the platform’s new video tab, live videos, and 360 videos, and is predicted to push the envelope even further by focusing on short-form videos and plans to seed a wider range of video content. In the coming months, it’s not far off to predict that Facebook might also launch improved video features and tools, such as automatic captioning and video editing tools to help users create and publish better video content through the platform.
A better Facebook Messenger
Facebook’s messenger app has undergone plenty of major changes since last year’s F8 Conference. No longer just a text-based messaging app, Messenger now allows users to publish disappearing “stories”, doodle, send .GIFs, play games, and even interact with chatbots through the app. Looking at some of the other messaging apps such as Viber and Line, Facebook is predicted to work towards dominating the messaging arena by opening up its API to allow developers to create better digital assistants. Facebook is also expected to launch new, improved group messaging features such as AI assistants, AR, 3D masks, and special effects that are not only fun to use, but can also help businesses deliver more timely information and better customer service and engagement.
Facebook 360 updates
Last March, Facebook launched Facebook 360, its dedicated virtual reality app. With already over 25 million 360 photos and more than one million 360 videos, Facebook 360 will only improve so that it can give its users a more interactive and immersive experience when viewing content. Facebook’s upcoming updates on Social VR is in line with its vision of helping people share and connect with each other through virtual reality technologies. During the F8 Conference, it’s likely that businesses will also be present to show how they are using Facebook 360 to engage their customer base.

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