Facebook Debuts New Ad Solutions for Driving Retail Sales

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Last Monday, Facebook introduced three new offerings designed to help retailers to showcase their most relevant products to the right audience seamlessly on mobile: store sales optimization, tabs for Canvas, and product categories for dynamic ads.

Retail owners and marketers face unique challenges and opportunities both online and in their brick and mortar stores, which is why Facebook continues to create marketing tools and solutions that help drive retail sales.

To help retailers generate more sales in-store, Facebook has expanded the ways in which marketers can use offline data to re-engage in-store customers. The platform’s new store sales optimization offering leverages the power of machine learning by allowing business owners to publish ads to consumers who are more likely to purchase products offline.

Facebook is also making the catalog experience on mobile more effective by enabling personalization in Collection ads through a new capability called tabs for Canvas. This new feature utilizes the same product recommendations engine that is currently driving dynamic ads. Tabs for Canvas enables Facebook to show users the parts of a catalog that is most relevant to them, based on their interests and shopping behavior, both within their News Feed and on full screen.

The final ad solution, called Categories for dynamic ads is also part of Facebook’s initial dynamic ads offering, which is designed to help retailers reach shoppers by providing them with relevant ads based on their interests. With the new feature, retailers can now promote their products in a particular category earlier in the sales cycle. Categories for dynamic ads also hopes to help retailers to expand the reach of their campaigns, improve customer acquisition and sales, as well as intuitively introduce relevant categories and products to consumers even if they haven’t browsed for those items yet.
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