Facebook improves Insights, includes detailed engagement monitoring

May 24th, 2012 by | 1 Comment

Knowing and understanding impressions and the statistics behind every engagement is crucial in measuring a brand’s success on the social Web. For brands leveraging on Facebook, Insights has been doing a pretty good job in helping them understand their progress on the social network. Today, the social media giant has announced that it has improved Insights with a handful of new features to enable companies better monitor their engagements on their social platform.

“The updates provide more insight into user behavior to help you build a more effective Auth Dialog and better Open Graph Integration for your app.” said the announcement on the Facebook Developer Blog.

The latest updates to Facebook Insights will now allow users to easily monitor the number of unique people seeing and accepting their authorization dialogs. And brands with apps that publish stories directly through the Open Graph now have the ability to track the number of unique users who publish, view, and click on these stories.

These additional features will help brands understand the level of engagements they have with their followers through a redesigned, more detailed Insights dashboard that will feature unique user information across a 30-day window.

Authorization dialogs that prompt users under different permissions will be presented with a breakdown of the impressions. It will also show the rates at which users accept or reject permission sets, helping you pinpoint the best permission set to implement to increase user installations of your app.


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