Facebook Live and Videos Offer Plenty of Opportunities for Marketers

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Facebook—the once clogged and overwhelming feed of baby shower announcements, birthday greetings, and Monday morning rants is now recognized as the future for marketers. Creating an effective Facebook strategy has become an essential focus in social media marketing, where combining influencer marketing with interactive video content offers huge opportunities for brands.

Facebook video is essentially video content directly uploaded to the site for page consumption and sharing. It has been found to be four times more shareable than YouTube content, and has five times more reach than standard posts with pictures. This means that developing an effective video content strategy on Facebook should be a marketer’s top concerns.

Facebook Live, on the other hand, allows the network to leverage its social graph to notify users when their contacts are broadcasting live videos or are tuned in to their live streams. Users can also send invites to their friends, asking them to accompany them in these viewing experiences, thus making streaming videos more shareable. According to the latest stats, Facebook Live streams generate ten times more comments than standard videos. Through this feature, social media marketers gain the ability to create daily, weekly, and monthly episodes catered to specific audiences.

Indeed, it’s an exciting time to do marketing on Facebook. As the site continues to develop and find creative ways for users to consume content, it gains a bigger advantage over other content consumption companies on the web. Whether marketers are using Facebook Live or videos, their campaign can be elevated to its maximum success rate with some influencers and strategic planning.

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