Facebook Will Now Use Actual Views to Measure Post Reach

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Early this week, Facebook launched two updates to Page Insights, one of which is set to affect how your posts’ organic reach will be measured.

In the past, a Page’s post reach on Facebook was based on how many times a post has appeared in the News Feed—with each instance counting as a view, even if a user did not actually scroll down to see the post. Now, Facebook will be measuring impressions based on the number of instances a post appears on a user’s screen, making the organic reach of Pages more consistent with the way the social network calculates reach for its sponsored ads.

Facebook had originally said in late 2016 that it would shift to viewable-only organic reach performance metrics, amidst a series of measurement errors that the social network had disclosed. In December 2017, the company explained that it took far longer to build the new measuring system than its engineers had expected and that the new methodology would be launched early this year. And now it’s finally in place.

While many aspects of social media campaigns have been difficult to measure, Facebook has been successful at providing marketers quality information at their fingertips, which can be used to create posts that target audiences are interested in seeing.

This new update is not expected to affect how posts are distributed in a user’s News Feed, though it will almost certainly cause the reach metric of a Page to decline in its early stages. Post reach numbers will naturally be lower, but they will be more accurate, given that the actual views are now being recorded. Facebook will continue to provide the old metric in the Page Insights overview to help marketers adjust and get used to reporting on the new reach results.

Alongside the update to organic reach, Facebook will be updating the user interface of Page Insights on mobile devices. Commonly-used performance metrics, such as General Page diagnostics and the preview of new Page engagement, will now be appearing at the top.
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