Facebook’s Marketplace Offers Plenty of Opportunities for Buying and Selling

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With the increasing number of people using mobile devices comes the increasing number of shoppers browsing and buying products online. Consumer spending is projected to jump from $204 to $626 billion in only two years, according to Goldman Sachs. This is a huge consumer shift, one that social media platforms like Facebook are moving to capitalize on.

With the launch of Facebook’s new Marketplace feature, the social network is doing just that. But instead of focusing on businesses and brands, it’s pushing a new form of online marketplace along the lines of Craiglist—one that facilitates community buying and selling.

Marketplace, which is being rolled out to users in the U.S., UK, Australia, and New Zealand, is set to get high visibility with placement right in the middle of the site’s function bar, where Messenger used to be. By tapping on the Marketplace icon, users will be getting a welcome message for their local marketplace, which features a listing of items for sale in their area. The displayed listings will be based on users’ location and noted interests. Should users find something they want to buy, there’s a one-tap option to make an offer or they can send the seller a message to express their interest.

Ease of use is critical to the success of Facebook’s Marketplace, which is why it allows sellers to simply click on the camera icon from the feature’s main page and take up to ten photos of the item they wish to sell, make it look its best with filters, fill out the product title, description, and price, then list the location and item category.

With more than 450 million people visiting buy and sell groups every month, choosing to focus on community buying is a logical choice. Facebook Marketplace is a simple and functional buying and selling platform, and given the strong interest in such groups already on Facebook, the new feature will no doubt be popular.

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