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It’s a given today that you want bloggers on your side. They have a very high level of influence with their readers. There is a trust factor and things they write about or recommend command attention, drive comments, discussion and promotion via other social channels. If you are a company that is looking to get bloggers to talk about your products, your services, your new site or gadget or campaign, you need to understand who it is you are looking for and more importantly how to communicate with them in the most effective ways.

Bloggers are fickle. Some are very authentic and are anti-monetization. Others will take any offer you throw their way and sell-out to their audience. This is step one in the research phase.

Who Are the Blogger You Need To Reach

In a recent client case we are working on finding blogs to host contests, reviews and exclusive content. When talking with the client they said they had relationships with blogs and bloggers. I asked him who they were. His response were the 5-6 top hip-hop blogs and sites, they were widely known and widely read.

I went on to ask about the conversion rate for these sites. He went on to say they like the free stuff, but never turn to true fans or sales.

This is when we got to the point of realization that we needed to find bloggers that were going to help us build his fan base and deliver high quality traffic. Our first step was to break out the brainstorming sessions and start mindmapping all the things his music and his product stand for. These were now going to be the focus of our blogger campaign, not the route with the easy to target and low converting sites.

After a few days of research, we were able to come up with 100+ sites that had met a minimum requirement for traffic, engagement and topic and were on the quest to build a relationship. What could 100 blogs all with 10,000+ unique visitors and engaged fans mean to your business if they wrote something about you? I bet it would make a huge difference.

Here is what we did in a nutshell.

Sourced blogs through

Then we used the Firefox plugin Search Status and found the Compete data, Page Rank and Alexa Data for the site. We were not overly concerned with these numbers, but wanted to gauge where the sites were and if they were worth our time.

We compiled the data in a Google Spreadsheet with the following columns

  • Blog Title
  • URL
  • Niche / Industry
  • Author / Editor
  • Email Contact
  • Phone Number Contact
  • 1st Date of Interaction
  • 2nd Date of Interaction

That was the extent to which we began our research. From here it all becomes about engaging the blog, adding value and creating a relationship with the site.

Relationship Building

As we begin the relationship part I wanted to mention a few things. You need to allow for lead time. In the music business, this is one of the biggest problems facing the industry. It goes back to ordering your first batch of 1,000 or 10,000 CD’s and then asking what to do with them.

You need to give yourself time to establish the relationship and fit into the schedule of the blogger you want to help you out. Many large blogs schedule content in advance and are juggling multiple projects. Fitting you in on the fly is often a tough thing for someone with no relationship to help you out with.

The release schedule for the artist we are working with is 4-5 months out. That is 4-5 months of blog comments, Twitter conversations and a few emails before we try to get them to do anything for us. This will create genuine relationships and give us a higher opportunity to get a mention, review or take over their site during launch week.

You can see that what you need to do is create a long term plan, not a panic plan when working with bloggers. They can deliver a ton of people back to your site and get people excited for what you are doing, but you need to play to the beat of their drum.

Find the right ones and court them, ask them to the dance and then get married.

How are you working with bloggers to enhance your business? I’d love to know in the comments below.

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