Five Fresh Ways to Use Live Content in Your Social Strategy

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With live content, audiences experience a much more authentic connection to your brand rather than with a scheduled, pre-produced video. Moreover, viewers get to interact with you in real-time.

What’s great is that it’s now easier to incorporate social media in your marketing strategy. Here are five ways to do that:

Make important announcements
Build anticipation ahead of time and say you have a special announcement to do at a scheduled time, but make sure that your news is big enough and relevant to your followers. Don’t forget to cross-promote on different social platforms.

Invite guests who are relevant to your audience and have them go live with you. Before the interview, you can share a few questions with them so they’ll have an idea of where the conversation will be heading. Don’t forget to tag your guest and encourage him to notify his followers of the event before going live, so that both of you can gain more of an audience.

Flash sales
Create special offers that are only available when the live event is happening, but make sure to prepare content in advance and don’t announce all the offers in one go. This way, you can keep the video going in case your viewers don’t have many questions for you.

Product launch
Live events are great for the ever-popular “unboxing” videos, as well as for demos that show off what your new product can do. This way, your followers get to see your products first-hand and ask questions before purchasing them.

Arrange a time with company founders or leaders to answer questions from followers on social media. Post teasers about the event and ask the audience to share questions beforehand. This way, so you can start reading and answering those questions while people are getting settled and tuning in.
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