Flashy Or Classy?

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It still amazes me that people aren’t onto things like Twitter and Facebook. Parents ask me if they should be on Facebook to spy on their kids. I ask them that instead, start thinking of using Facebook to build business and personal relationships for your own life or career.

When talking to small businesses they have even more concerns and fears. They are still trying to figure out how to get listed on Google local when their customers search for “your city here + flowers” and still show up for “your city here + florist.”

Add this to the fact that smart phones are increasing in popularity and people are accessing the mobile web everywhere they go and you are in way over your head when you are looking to sell flowers (or insert your product here). According to Patrick Meyer, president of Sourcebits, there will be around 120 million smart phones in the hands of your customers by January of next year in the U.S. alone.

What scares me is that while developing smart phone technology, we got side railed by a million iPads running rampant in the wild. I mean, that’s a smack in the face for businesses that are not adapting fast enough to even wrap their head around something like local SEO. And local SEO is important!

Yea, Overwhelming Much?

If all of this is giving you a headache, it should. It gives me one and I play in this space all day, everyday. What you really need to do is look at the core startegies and client needs of your business and your market.

What does that mean? Essentially it means you need to talk to your customers. Talk to them in your stores, talk to them on Facebook, hold contests where you gain knowledge and data (maybe a survey where one lucky winner gets one of those coveted iPads?) and listen to them on blogs and through other social media outlets.

Kristina mentioned last week that humans need social media. She’s right, but so do businesses.

If you find out that your customers want to look at, arrange and buy their flowers using their fingers on an iPad, then you need to focus on building that or else they may run to the company that does. If they still want to get your weekly newsletter emails and the conversion is still high, your focus needs to be on driving that email list through every opportunity you have to talk with your market. If they like your quirky Facebook contents, keep rolling out new, fun initiatives there.

It’s easy to fall for the shocking numbers. One million iPads in a month or 120 million smart phones sounds grandiose, but your business and bottom line are the things that matter. We all want to be flashy and “cool” but what we really want is a successful business. One that fulfills our passions and needs for going into business in the first place. Or if you are the marketing director, you are looking for a return on your dollars.

Look for the metrics that matter. Look inside your organization first. Then look to fulfill the needs of your market. You may need the flashy app, or you may need to raise the customer service bar, or you might just need to keep doing more of what you are already doing.

Greg is an interactive marketer that specializes in music marketing. He does this from his laptop in Orlando, FL.

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