Forms of e-mail marketing you should take advantage of

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Types of E-mail marketing

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E-mail remains to be an essential communications tool, even with the general public’s obsessions with the connections and engagements on the social Web. It offers closer, more intimate interactions between a brand and its clients, away from the distracting noise that naturally comes with social networks. Aside from this, the benefits and opportunities e-mail marketing can bring to your brand should never be overlooked.

Because e-mail is more of a private affair, it provides the brand multiple opportunities to establish and maintain a closer relationship with the targeted demographic. With it, brands can create client specific strategies, content, and offerings to specific sets of customers in order to achieve any desired results. Here are the different types of e-mail marketing you can use to further your content sharing and customer engagement strategies.

  • Special Announcements
    News, announcements, and press releases are sent to alert customers to let them know of new products, services, and promos.
  • Exclusive Offers
    You can offer your existing customers special deals, and exclusive content like sneak peeks at new products and services before the general public. You can also send out online catalogues and couponsNewsletters
    For brands that regularly create content on their Web site or blog, newsletters are great for condensing the different pieces of content you feature on-site.
  • Surveys and Polls
    You can conduct some marketing research by sending out surveys and polls. These questionnaires and polls can help your brand realign your goals and serve your clientele better.
  • Invitations
    If your brand is holding an event, you can build you recipient list and then fire up your e-mail client.

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