Four Social Media Marketing Influencers You Should Know

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In the last few years, digital marketing has moved away from optimizing for search engines and algorithms to creating connections and engagements with actual human beings. Having a distinct and highly engaging voice is an obvious competitive advantage when you’re trying to get your brand ahead of your competitors. Thus, digital marketing strategies have shifted towards engaging, relatable content and user experience metrics.

This gradual shift in digital marketing, along with the emerging dominance of social media platforms, has led to the rise of social media influencers. Here are top influencers from whom you can get insights and perspectives on emerging trends and innovations in the social media marketing space.

Aaron Lee
One of the most respected social media influencers in the industry, Aaron Lee is a content writer who has been featured on major online publications like Mashable and Huffington Post. With over a million followers on Twitter and holding the fifth spot on Forbes’ 50 Top Power Influencers List for 2013, Lee regularly shares invaluable tips on creating and maintaining a personal brand online in his lifestyle blog, Short of Height.

Brian Kelly
Collecting as much airline miles and points is a huge topic in the content marketing industry, and Brian Kelly, popularly known as The Points Guy, is one of the first content writers to venture in this space. While his Instagram feed is mostly about travel, you can learn a lot about creating interesting and highly engaging travel posts by browsing his page.

Casey Neistat
Known for his video blogs and advertising campaigns for high-profile clients like Samsung, Mercedes Benz, and Nike, Casey Neistat’s YouTube channel is brimming with technical and trade tips for creating videos—invaluable for anyone looking to break out into the video marketing space.

Gary Vaynerchuk
A best-selling author and serial entrepreneur, Vaynerchuk is most likely the biggest influencer you’re familiar with. His podcasts, articles, and social media posts are a goldmine for anyone who wants to understand the importance of video in today’s digital marketing landscape. Meanwhile, his honest opinions and pragmatic strategies for building a brand are a must for passionate entrepreneurs looking to break out of their comfort zone and achieve success in business and in life.
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