Getting Your Employees Involved in Your Business’s Social Media Initiatives

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One of the best things delivered by social media is the internal creation and use of ideas through employee engagement and marketing. Businesses thinking of introducing social initiatives for their company can take note of the following aspects of employee adoption:

Role clarity vs. role flexibility
Many businesses have reported that the most important and influential social media initiatives stem from spontaneous movements created by individuals and employees organizing efforts around existing problems. For this idea to work, people need to understand the balance between role clarity and role flexibility. They need to know which tasks to prioritize and focus on to better help the company fulfill its objectives.

Local sponsorship and employee involvement
More often than not, employees choose to work on tasks that are rewarded by their employers. Don’t take for granted the importance of getting the buy-in and support of leaders, as well as reward systems based on merit badges and leaderboards. Studies show that many employees respond to this type of recognition as much as monetary rewards.

Anticipate and accept off-topic posts
As employees start getting involved in social media initiatives, it’s inevitable that there will be some people who will be posting off-topic or irrelevant posts. Companies should be able to anticipate it and let things go; most non-project topics die off anyway. They should let their employees know that their pages are a safe space for experimentation and for trying something new and silly from time to time. Allowing for a little fun makes the company seem more relaxed, and can spur interest among more employees.

Recognize small wins
Companies need to continually promote the program internally, especially in its initial stages, by highlighting and celebrating milestones and small wins along the way. Recognizing small, achievable goals and milestones gives people a reason to celebrate as the program starts to get some attention.



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