Giddy Up and Boost Your Conversions by Jumping on the Bandwagon Effect

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The bandwagon effect is a term coined by marketers to refer to the behavior of consumers following a thread that has been created by the needs and wants of the masses. It’s a truth that is almost universally acknowledged—people tend to copy the behavior of the individuals surrounding them. When applied, the bandwagon effect creates a ripple wherein people are swayed by a product or service, which in turn attracts new, potential customers to desire the product or service as well.

The bandwagon effect is used to create an illusion of popularity on anything that may have been used or is set to be introduced to the market. It feeds on the human emotion of wanting something that others have by ensuring that it is desired by all. If this strategy is executed effectively, the illusionary trend will be accepted by the majority and others will join in as well.

Brands on social media generally intend to sell a product or service to yield the most profits. To capture additional and non-conforming audiences to go for a new or improved idea, it’s effective to use the bandwagon effect to convince this untapped market. It can manipulate the emotions of the target audience and increase the popularity of a product or service through persuasion, which is the primary objective of this strategy.

Here are some ways to increase your brand’s online influence and boost your conversions:

Reviews and testimonials
Consumers are becoming increasingly market savvy and accustomed to traditional marketing efforts. People want to choose the best that’s available, but they don’t want to hear it from the company itself. Instead, they will be more convinced to buy if the claims are coming from an impartial customer. Therefore, adding user reviews and testimonials, and even case studies to your social media account pages and website is a great way to increase credibility and social influence.

Awards and accomplishments
If your company has received any awards or shout outs from influencers and industry associations, don’t hide them away. They serve as a great source of social influence, so make sure that you proudly display them online. Nothing beats having a well-respected expert say something positive about you. Such endorsements show potential customers that your company has been picked out and recognized—that others have chosen you in the past and have found that your product or service is outstanding.

Following a similar line of thought, displaying your stats, including Like, Followers, and Shares counts, ranks high on credibility and will provide users with additional assurance that they should go with your brand. You can also highlight how many people are using your services, how many clients you have, or how many people have purchased your product. It’s all about showing an atypical market that your company is worth their time, trust, and money.
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