Go Beyond Points and Rewards by Building Customer Loyalty and Engagement

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In digital marketing, it’s often said that it costs more to get a new customer than to keep an old one, which is why many fall back on tried-and-tested customer loyalty programs. But apart from these expensive and time-consuming schemes, what else can you do to achieve greater customer longevity?

The first, and perhaps the simplest way that brands can keep their customers loyal is to do what is expected of them—solve their customers’ problems. By keeping a close eye on the entire length of the customer’s journey and ensuring that any problems are dealt with immediately and to the level of customer satisfaction, brands can expect to see loyal, repeat business.

It’s a common mistake for companies to overestimate the value of customer rewards and underestimate the importance of having employees that understand the needs of its customers. Instead of seeking to buy customer loyalty through rewards, empower your employees and teach your frontline staff to speak to customers about product lines and concerns on their terms and viewpoint so that you can improve your overall service and keep customers loyal and engaged.

To ensure that customers continue to visit your website, open and read their emails, and keep your brand as the preferred choice, you should also aim to provide customers the information and help they need, whether they are new or long-term users.

Finally, brands can keep customers coming back by being creative and offering them mind-blowing experiences not found elsewhere. Whether you do it through contests, seasonal offers, or by finding ways to ensure that customers have a unique and engaging experience when using your product or service, fun and creative marketing campaigns can be a huge driver of sales down the line.
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