Google Announces New Ad Targeting Options and Better Measurement Tools for YouTube

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Google is looking to add greater functionality and better ad options to YouTube, its online video platform. The search engine giant recently announced a set of new changes to YouTube, most of which are focused on the ever-changing and expanding role of mobile apps and devices.

To help brands tap into more audiences, YouTube is adding new ad targeting options and measurement tools to help users improve their insights and data.

Ad targeting based on Google activity
Google wants YouTube to be more focused on targeting audiences by enabling advertisers to use information associated with users’ Google accounts. In 2015, the search engine integrated the YouTube ad platform into Google AdWords, so although the two have always been connected, this is the first time that the search engine has opened up to enable YouTube targeting functions. This option is set to give advertisers more ways to hone in their YouTube ads on targeted, more relevant audiences.

YouTube is also boosting its own Customer Match targeting to enable advertisers to upload their own data, including e-mail addresses and phone numbers to help focus their ads on the online video platform.
Better measurement and user controls
A new, could-based measurement tool that is focused on cross-device measurement is being developed by Google to provide YouTube with more advanced and accurate insights. As part of this shift to better traffic measurement and analytics, YouTube will be reducing its reliance on cookies and pixels and moving towards monitoring signed-in user IDs and mobile identifiers much like those used by Facebook and Twitter.

YouTube is also set to enable user controls that were built with cross-screen viewing in mind, such as when a user mutes an ad on Google, those same ads will also be muted when he watches videos on YouTube.

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