Helping Satisfied Customers Become Successful Brand Advocates

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Although creating quality content is an essential part of social media marketing, a lot of companies would agree that it can be quite expensive and time consuming. In fact, Curata’s B2B Marketing Trends Survey 2012 Report states that three of the biggest challenges companies face when churning marketable content are creating original content, devoting enough time to create it, and finding high-quality and relevant content. With as much as 28 to 33 percent of marketing budgets allotted to this aspect of marketing, it’s obvious how coming up with good content can be an often overwhelming challenge.

Unbeknownst to most companies, highly-satisfied customers are a highly regarded and untapped marketing weapon. Whether you run a retail business, manufacture goods, or provide services to customers, play it right and you can turn satisfied customers into very convincing brand advocates. They will be able to create high quality content that’ll help promote your brand, even without being paid to do so.

The first step in helping satisfied customers become brand advocates is finding out who these people are. A good way to do this is through an old-fashioned method—a survey question. You can ask them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website, and other customer management portals, “On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to your friends or family?” Those who answered 9 and 10 are potential brand advocates.

Next, forget incentives or promos. True brand advocates recommend their preferred products and services because they like them and would want to spread the word. What you must do is make it easy for satisfied customers to generate content by giving them a venue where they can create reviews, testimonials, Tweets, Facebook posts, videos, and photos that boost engagement.

After they’ve generated a piece of authentic and compelling content for your company, give them the tools to share their experience via social sharing widgets for popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. You can encourage them to publish their thoughts on relevant sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Amazon as well.

Finally, recognize your brand advocates by posting their comments and recommendations on your website and the company’s social media pages. Measure and improve results by tracking rave reviews and keeping advocacy authentic. Remember, recommendations that are tainted by incentives or rewards can compromise your company’s credibility and reputation.



Jehan S. Ismael is a full-time writer and editor for a leading Internet Marketing firm. She has a love-hate relationship with food, and likes to listen to rock music and read books by self-absorbed writers like J.D. Salinger and Anthony Bourdain.

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