How live events can strengthen a brand’s social media strategies

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In social media marketing, combining traditional and online strategies can prove to be quite the dynamic formula in helping drive a brand’s marketing efforts to succeed. While many brand managers and social media strategists have devoted a huge chunk of their time propping up their brand’s online presence, marketing in the real world should not be taken for granted. In fact, offline marketing tactics and tools have become great supplements that help brands achieve any goals and resonate positively within their demographic.

Among the many strategies for taking social media marketing offline, organizing live events like conferences and forums, parties, group activities, and meet-ups are always great for brand development, and customer interactions. It offers multiple benefits and opportunities that brands should take advantage of.


Promotes Your Brand and Your Products

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For most companies, social events can serve as avenues to introduce brand to the public, and even direct attention to new products and services.

A company manufacturing and selling action figures, for instance, can hold special dinners and parties to present themselves to the public, show what they’re offering, and tease people on future projects. They can have unveiling parties to show new lines of toys and even auction off rare action figures. These can attract the people that matter, including new customers, journalists and bloggers that can produce content to boost their online presence, as well as potential business partners (and investors for startups).


Offers Many Engagement Opportunities

Social media marketing gives your followers and potential customers an experience within your brand’s ecosystem where they can form opinions about your products, receive support, and build relationships with your brand. That experience, however, is limited to what they can see or hear from you. A live event, on the other hand, gives you both the chance to meet at a more intimate level, where you can talk closely, learn more about each other (great for refining campaigns that will better cater to your target demographic), and establish a trusting relationship.


Boosts Your Reputation

For many, events can be seen as a showcase of how the brand is as a company and what they represent. It serves to help your brand position itself as a professional player in your industry—one that consumers can trust with their needs. This means your reputation may be riding on how the event turns out, how you conduct yourself in public, and the impressions journalists and bloggers will bring about in their write-ups online.


Solidifies and Expands Communities Around Your Brand

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Live events can serve as a platform where your followers can meet and forge bonds with each other over common interests. A solidly formed community is a community that’s dedicated to the very thing they bonded over. Fortunately, that thing in this case is your brand, its products, and maybe your every endeavor.

Add your genuine relationship with them fueled by regular engagements and full support, and you have an army of loyal followers that can serve as promotion engines, support group, and defenders from detractors. And it’s not unlike having your friends backing you up in your every decision.


Enhances Your SEO Efforts

As mentioned, events can create buzz around your brand and spread awareness through word-of-mouth (both offline and via the social networks), and from content written by journalists and bloggers. These mentions and pieces of content can all help in boosting your search engine optimization tactics by getting you backlinks and making your brand much more visible online. This increases your discoverability when people conduct searches, and can eventually drive more visitors to your Web site. From here, it’ll be up to your social media content, products and site usability to get them to stay long enough to learn more about what you’re offering.

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