How Your Small Business Can Benefit from the New Twitter

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These past few months, we’ve been seeing a lot of changes on Twitter. The modifications were implemented in an attempt to increase the microblogging site’s user engagement and make it more intuitive. Here are a few ways how your business can leverage from these changes:

Cover Photo
Twitter cover photos now take up the entire width of the screen, so your business’s page also needs to increase the size of its cover photo for better visual engagement. Recommended dimensions for header photos are now 1500×500 pixels, so make sure to customize your profile accordingly and pick a professional image that’s truly relevant to your brand.

Tab Options
Twitter now has tab options for features like Tweets, Photos/Videos, Following, Followers, and Lists. This streamlines the profile page and also makes it easier to navigate the features you want. Make sure to tweet only relevant posts, as more popular posts (those with more RTs and Favorites) will be featured more prominently on your profile. Tab options can now also show your Favorited tweets, so make sure to choose only posts that are truly worth sharing and those that you are happy for others to see.

Pinned Tweet
This new feature allows you to “pin” a tweet to the top of your profile so it can be seen by all the users viewing your page. By pinning only your most important tweet, it gets maximum coverage and stays dominant until you decide to replace it. Which kinds of tweets should you pin? They could be tweets with links that you want your followers to see, news about your business, a sale announcement for your online store, or important details about a webinar or Hangout you’re hosting. You can pin anything that users need to know about so that it gets maximum exposure.

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