How YouTube Became “Mainstream” Marketing

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When YouTube first launched in 2005, no one could have predicted the impact that YouTube has today. Unlike other networking platforms where there are multiple options available for organizations to use, YouTube is far and beyond in a category of their own when it comes to video sharing and content. While there are other options such as Vimeo, what separates YouTube from the rest is that they have become ‘mainstream’ in regards to marketing.

When used as an adjective, “mainstream” is defined as “representing the prevalent attitudes, values, and practices of a society or group.” With that said, mainstream is the perfect adjective to describe YouTube.

The Difference Between YouTube and “The Rest”

The biggest difference between YouTube and “the rest” is that YouTube is proven to be a platform in which you can generate revenue. Mind you, when we say that you can generate revenue from YouTube, you need to look at it from two different angles.

The first is from the perspective of a regular YouTube user. One of biggest reasons YouTube is able to generate the amount of traffic as they do each month is in part because of YouTube ‘celebrities’ like iJustine and CommunityChannel. With each of their videos generating anywhere between 50,000-500,000 views each, they are able to generate revenue for themselves thanks to YouTube’s revenue sharing program in which YouTubers are able to generate revenue based on ad impressions and click throughs from their videos.

From an organizations perspective, YouTube can have huge rewards when part of a marketing campaign. One example is how companies use YouTube to make things go ‘viral.’ From Doritos hosting contests on YouTube to find the best commercial, to companies using YouTube as a cheap and free method of sharing content, the ROI of an effective YouTube campaign can be amazing. While a video may not generate immediate revenue right from the start, long-term it is able to generate more leads as well as stimulate interest in a companies products.

Because of YouTube’s ability to generate revenue for individuals and organizations, YouTube continues to stay relevant in our culture.

It’s For Everyone

Another big reason that led YouTube to becoming ‘mainstream’ in regards to marketing is that it is marketed toward all audiences. Whether you are looking for the latest celebrity news video or an looking to watch Obama’s speech, YouTube has something for everyone. Because of this, marketers see a huge market just waiting to be tapped. Whatever market your industry lies, it is sure to be present on YouTube.

Because of YouTube’s simplistic user interface, massive amount of content and effective search engines, YouTube continues to lead the pack. As technology continues to move forward, YouTube is sure to stay relevant in the minds of both consumers and businesses.

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